22 May 2020

A Letter from our Executive Director

Dear PFM Shoppers:

First, I want to thank you from deep in our hearts for your continued loyalty to buying from our local farmers and food artisans. We have worked hard to keep markets open and create safe spaces for your food shopping. We appreciate your recognition of that, as many of you have shared your thoughts.

Next, I want to ask for a bit more of your patience. At the Saturday PSU Farmers Market, over the past several weeks, we have shifted things around; I know you’ve noticed. As spring is in full swing, berries ripen and stay-at-home orders loosen, we’ll have more vendors and more shoppers coming to the market. We can allow only 300 shoppers in the PSU Market at any time. To manage this, we have just two entrances open and lines will form.

At each the north (SW Montgomery St and Park Ave) and south (SW College St and Park Ave) entrances, there will be a 10 to 20 minute wait during the morning hours. We’re open 8:30 to 2:00.

Hot food vendors are located near each of the entrances, north and south. If you love grabbing hot food to-go at the PSU Market you’ll find those vendors ready to package your order for take-home. You can access hot food without having to wait in the market entrance lines. So, it’s easy to do your grocery shopping then get your hot food to-go!

If you can shop downtown on Wednesdays, I suggest a visit to our Shemanski Park Farmers Market. You’ll find it in along SW Park Ave between SW Salmon and SW Madison Streets on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 2:00. Portland Parks has allowed us to expand this market and there are no restrictions to entrance. You’ll find many of your favorite vendors and hot food to-go also.

On Sundays, the King Farmers Market is open and quickly filling with fruits and veggies. We have an east (NE 7th and Wygant) and west (King Park) entrance and the wait in lines are 5 to 15 minutes until about noon. King Market is open 10:00 to 2:00.

During the first week of June our Kenton (Wednesdays) and Lents International (Sundays) Farmers Markets will open. Stay tuned for details about those.

One more request, please wear a face covering when you come to the farmers market. Even if you feel it’s not for you, please honor the safety of our farmers, artisans and their employees who have close contact with shoppers all day long.



Trudy Toliver
Executive Director
Portland Farmers Market

For more information to plan your shopping, see: