21 November 2011

A More Perfect Reunion Market

SE Portland is home to PFM’s Buckman Market, right off Hawthorne at 20th & Salmon. The Market disappears in the late fall, only to reunite the week of Thanksgiving – it’s inevitable, cyclical and reassuring, like geese and north this time of year. Besides the seasonal beauty and seasonal harmony of the Market’s reappearance, it’s also the last chance to buy local goodies for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Question: Are you hosting or guesting, because both take skill? Being a good guests sometimes means deciphering your hosts inventions. If your host requested, “Don’t bring anything”, you can still bring a nice bouquet from C+K Flower Garden. Or if they vaguely implied you could maybe, possibly bring something to drink, you can pick a bottle/case/whatever up from Twist Wine or Arcane Cellars. There is something less hard from Pure Simple Nourishment.

incredible morels at the portland market


If you are bringing a proscribed sidedish or hosting others, there is still a chance to pick up local ingredients without experiencing the madhouse that is a grocery store 48 hours before Thanksgiving. Winters Farms has mashable potatoes, Oak Villa Farm has eggs and never underestimate the power of good eggs, good cream and hearty stock. Tamiyasu Orchards, Eagle Organic Cranberries, apples and pears from Kiyokawa Orchards, a little of everything from Gathering Together Farm, Gee Creek Farm and mushrooms from Springwater Farm.

Olympic Provisions, Chop and Dee Creek are going to hook you up with meat and cheese. Tastebud, Petunia’s Pies and Pastries and Queen of Hearts Baking Company will load you up with your baked goods.

If you need to stretch the Thanksgiving budget, our Fresh Exchange match is available today for SNAP recipients.

The Market is 1-5pm, rain or shine (ha!). Rain or Rain and Wind. Make a list or be inspired, we’ll see you there.