24 April 2015

An Actual Hill of Beans

courtesy of Lonesome Whistle


Using this idiom seems fitting for growers who literally grow beans; that and a hill of beans, amounts to so much for our decidedly pro legume market subset. This week PFM, welcomes Lonesome Whistle Farm to the Portland State Market on Saturday.

Farmers Jeff Broadie and Kasey White have been coaxing beans, wheat, rye, open pollinating crops and non-GMO corn from their 40 acres in Junction City, Oregon. In addition to crops, they also offer market shoppers, after the harvest foods like pastry flour, farro, polenta and popcorn.

It’s long drive up from Lane County, but it’s good to welcome new farmers to the fold, be sure to stop and say hi. I’m looking forward testing their polenta with some seasonal asparagus; possibly topped with an egg.

Image from Lonesome Farm Website