17 May 2012

Eating Local Just Got Easier

Graphic designer and educator Jen Bracy is so passionate about the benefits of eating local, organic food and supporting local farms that she recently created a collection of materials to help Northwest consumers better understand how and why to make healthier and more sustainable choices about what they put on their plates.

The Guide

Her beautifully designed Eating Local set includes two small posters and a perpetual calendar guide to seasonal eating. Created to be useful at the market or in the kitchen, the guide consists of individual laminated cards for each month of the year, highlighting what produce is in season and tips on how to best grow, cook and preserve it. Also included are resources and information on local CSAs, farmers markets, businesses, restaurants and products.

Jen believes that eating local is one of the most significant ways in which consumers can have a positive impact on the environment, local economy and their health. Her visually dynamic guide is one step toward making that goal easier and fun.

Come meet Jen this Saturday, May 19, at the PSU Market, where she will be selling her Eating Local guides ($10) and posters ($6).  Her additional market dates will be June 23, July 21 and 28. The guides are also available for purchase at New Seasons Market, Bob’s Red Mill, Food Front Coop, Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, Cherry Sprout Product Market, and City Farm. Click here for more information.


This Saturday, the first three people that stop by Jen’s booth to show her their purchase of strawberries, sweet peas or asparagus will be the proud owner of a free Eating Local guide!