18 September 2013

How Do You Like Them Apples

From Wendy Downing

“On a dry, clear day in the Hood River Valley, Randy Kiyokawa steps from his blue Subaru to the fresh soil of his newest orchard. In the sky just above the cap on Kiyokawa’s head, Mt. Hood looks close enough to climb. The youthful-looking fifty-one-year-old orchardist could be mistaken for a hiker. Instead, he has arrived to oversee the planting of 4,000 seedlings at the timberline of one of the highest orchards in the valley at 2,200 feet. It was sure to lure bears and elk, but, aided by the warmth of the nearby Cloverdale lava beds, it would likely produce late-season fruit. This was not the first time this third-generation grower had defied tradition.”

Intrigued? That quote is from the September/October edition of 1859, Oregon’s history magazine. Inside you will find a feature of Randy Kiyokawa & the Kiyokawa Way written by Lynne Curry and featuring photos by Amanda Conde.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards has been growing the finest imageproduce available since 1911. The fertile soils found at the base of Mt. Hood and rarified, glacier-fed water sources create a unique growing environment allowing us to offer over 80 distinct varieties of apples, pears, and Asian pears. We take pride in promoting local and sustainably grown produce and utilize a farm management system that incorporates best management practices.

You can pick up copies of this article and try out our delicious varieties of apple and pear at the following PFM markets: Pioneer Courthouse Square on Monday, Northwest on Thursday, Kenton on Friday, PSU on Saturday, and King on Sunday.