27 January 2017

Five PFM Vendors Take Home 2017 Good Food Awards

Five Portland Farmers Market vendors are among 20 Oregon-based producers named winners of the 2017 Good Food Awards. Recipients of the Good Food Award represent the best of the American craft food movement, making products that are delicious, respectful of the environment and connected to communities and cultural traditions.

Oregon producers are consistently recognized at the Good Food Awards and we are proud that our vendors are included among the winners – we certainly know they are the best, after all! Read on to find out which of our vendors took home their ‘best of’ award this year.

Photo courtesy of Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions, who has won in the charcuterie category every year since the Good Food Awards began in 2012, took home top prize for their Landrauchschinken, a smoky pork loin.

“It is such an honor to be recognized amongst other dedicated and responsible producers in America who are seeking to make change by, not only making delicious products, but by also sourcing ingredients in a responsible way,” said salumist Elias Cairo.

Market season: PSU Market, Saturdays year-round

Photo courtesy of Tails & Trotters

Tails and Trotters
 took home their fourth win in the charcuterie category with their Prosciutto Pacifico, a 2-year aged prosciutto made from their hazelnut-fattened pigs.

“Winning the Good Food Award is great recognition that we are achieving our goal of producing a world-class Northwest-stlye prosciutto from hazelnut-finished pigs. Although we have a closed-system dealing with whole animals from only our production system and produce over 100 products utilizing the entire animal, our Prosciutto Pacifico is the flagship product & why I started this journey 10 years ago,” said owner Aaron Silverman.

Market season: PSU Market, Saturdays March through December

Photo courtesy of Matt Choi

Choi’s Kimchi took home a win in the pickle category for their radish kimchi – their third award in as many years.

“We’re proud to be winners of this years Good Food Awards because taste is not the only factor to good food. Being a responsible producer, and processing your product in a sustainable way really go hand in hand to producing something that is truly good,” said co-owner Matt Choi.

Market season: PSU Market, Saturdays March through December


Photo courtesy of Briar Rose Creamery

Briar Rose Creamery won in the cheese category for their classic chèvre made with goat’s milk. It’s no surprise that it won – the velvety texture gives way to a luxurious flavor keeps you craving more and it stands up to the heat of the hot, wood fired oven. Winner of many international awards year after year, including a 2013 Good Food Award.

Market season: Shemanski Park Market, Wednesdays May through September


Photo by Carly Diaz

Alma Chocolate‘s chocolate pistachio toffee won this year, confirming its place as a customer favorite.

“This award embodies everything we believe in, especially our desire to hand craft delicious confections that use the best possible ingredients from sustainable sources. We are proud to contribute to the sustainable local food movement and be recognized for our thoughtful sourcing model,” said Sarah Hart, owner of Alma Chocolates.

Market season: PSU Market, Saturdays March through October

Visit the Good Food Award website for a full list of the winners.