20 July 2012

The Week That Is

So much has happened this week already, it’s hard to believe there are still 3 Markets to go before the sun sets on Sunday.

Before we move on, a big congratulations to Sarah Schafer of Irving Street Kitchen who is the official Master of the Market, winning

Sarah working on her
Winning Dish

COUNTRY’s 2012 Chef Challenge. Big thanks to Gregory Gourdet of Departure and David Padberg of Park Kitchen who made some seriously good food as well.

While there can only be one winner, there can be plenty of judges – thanks to Mike Thelin of Feast Portland and longtime FOMs (Friends of the Market) Jen Stevenson of Under the Table with Jen and Allison Jones of Portland Monthly, all of whom were fair and knowledgeable. A big, big thanks to KGW’s Drew Carney for bringing the energy and emcee mojo.

Our Kenton Market is today. FoodWaves is joining us. They are both a working farm and a non-profit dedicated “to developing future farmers by providing the technical and financial support necessary to learn how to grow organic food for local consumers”. You can check out their website here and check out their food at Kenton on Fridays – Denver & McClellan between 3-7.

Tuna, albacore tuna, whole fish or loins! Line caught by local fishers, all the flavor none of the worry/guilt. You can order or get info from Linda Brand Crab by calling 360-777-8476 or visiting their website. Or stop by their booth this week at PSU or King.

Also at PSU, Jen Bracy will be at our Market with her Eat Local Guides, the final time this year. If you ever have the nagging feeling you should eat more locally and seasonally, Jen makes it easy with her beautiful and information packed local eating guides. Stop by to say hi and learn more about eating locally. PSU is 8:30-2 on Saturdays.

If you haven’t been to the Market in a few weeks, cherries are waning, peaches ascendent. Zukes, cukes and tomatoes are in, favas are around but won’t be for much longer; they’re being replaced by green beans.

There are days when the market smells like fresh basil. Other days when the markets smell like lavender, but not in the grandmotherly scent, more in the French countryside type of way. How these little plants can make an acre of urban landscape smell so good is a mystery, but worth the trip.

Deck, Pine Mountain, Sexton and Pono all have something you can grill. We are about ready for eggplants to

Will Improve Any Home

takeover, peas, plums and flowers, which are never wrong no matter what the season–and I’m talking to you, fellas.

We always write these on Fridays, so our Thursday Markets tend to get overlooked. Our NW Market is 3-7, located at 19th & Everett 5 minutes from downtown, ample parking and who wants to get on the freeway right away and sit in traffic? Go buy a peach (that’s a suggestion; not a command). SE, stop off at Hinson Church at 20th & Salmon on your way home – be it lamb sausage or a salad to remember or fruit for dessert our Buckman Market is more relaxing than a trip to the grocery store and a lot more seasonal.