31 May 2013

Welcome Back, June

June-uary?  Nah, that was so 2012.  This weekend June beckons with whispered promises of warmer days and we say thank you and yes please to  grilling weather, to ice cream sandwich weather, to shop the market for a picnic at the park/river/beach weather.

Get some

Get some

This Saturday at PSU, there will be berries, berries everywhere and spring produce will be on full blast: think sugar snap peas, shelling peas, asparagus, artichokes and lovely fava beans, which our friend Lois shared a recipe for here.  Load up your basket with the good green stuff, then stuff your face with one of Ruby Jewel’s ravishing new ice cream sandwich flavors: Chocolate Walnut Cookie w/ Portland Creamery Chevre & Thyme Ice Cream, Brown Sugar Cookie w/ Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream, Pecan Toffee Chip Cookie w/ Caramel Malt Ice Cream, and Graham Cracker Cookie w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese Ice Cream. Um, yum.

Chef in the Market starts at 10am

Chef in the Market starts at 10am

Currently trending at the market:  the bearded boys of FoodWaves have returned for the season and Square Peg Farm will join the lineup again–both have beautiful vegetables to ply you with.  Nut-tricious will also be making their monthly appearance, so stop by if you want to seriously upgrade your PBJ.  Also, Chef in the Market is back!  Hosted by Portland Monthly’s ever-delightful Allison Jones, this week Todd Koebke of Sabin Schellenberg Center will be making a a spectacularly seasonal dish of French-style scrambled eggs with morels and asparagus. Demos start at the chef’s stage at 10am in the middle of the market and will take place every Saturday through September.  Check out the full chef lineup here.

Noteworthy at the King Market this Sunday?  Winter Green Farm will make their debut with farm-fresh organic produce and Schoolyard Farms will be hosting a special seed planting activity at the Market Kid’s Play Zone.  Schoolyard Farms is a nonprofit with the mission of growing food on urban schoolyards in order to create healthier communities. Stop by to let the kids get their hands dirty and talk to them about their vision is to see a farm on every schoolyard that can circle its food back to the cafeteria.

Next week, we’ve got you covered from Wednesday through Sunday, when we open two more markets: Northwest on Thursday and Kenton on Friday.  Farmers market season is officially on and crackin’, y’all.

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