Market Services

We offer the following services to make your farmers market shopping experience more accessible, relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable!

Market Information Booth

If you are new to shopping at farmers markets, have a question, or just want to say hi, our market staff and volunteers are happy to help.

Stop by the yellow tented Market Information Booth during market hours to learn more about vendors, events & activities, purchase market merchandise or tokens, and more!

Veggie Valet (PSU Farmers Market)

Bags weighing you down? Leave your purchases at our free Veggie Valet, and come back later to pick them up.
The Veggie Valet is available at our PSU Market on Saturdays during market hours only at the yellow-tented market information booth in the NE corner of the market near SW Harrison & Montgomery.

ADA Accessible Parking (PSU Farmers Market)

There are a handful of accessible parking spaces, some of them designated for wheelchair users only, at the following locations 2 – 3 blocks from the PSU Farmers Market.

  • SW Park Ave between Clay and Montgomery
  • SW Mill between Park & 10th Ave in front of Plaid Pantry
  • SW Broadway between SW Hall and Mill
  • Accepted Currencies

    Cash is accepted and typically the preferred payment method of vendors.
    Credit/Debit Cards
    Many of our vendors take credit cards. Just look for signs or ask vendors before purchasing.
    Market Tokens
    Shoppers can purchase $5 tokens at the Market Information Booth using a credit/debit card or check. These tokens can be used to purchase all market items and should be used like a $5 bill. Change is provided.
    Tokens are non-refundable once purchased and do not expire.
    A $20 purchase minimum and a $4 convenience fee are assessed for token purchases.
    SNAP (Oregon Trail card)
    SNAP/Oregon Trail EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards are accepted at all of our markets.
    To use your card, visit the market information booth, where you will receive $1 red wooden tokens, which may be spent directly at vendor booths.

  • $1 EBT Tokens may only be used to purchase SNAP-eligible foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, bread, cheese, nuts, eggs, and plants intended for growing food.
  • $1 EBT Tokens may not be used for non-food items, hot prepared foods
  • Vendors cannot give change back.
    Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB)
    Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) is a program that matches SNAP benefits spent at all of our markets. King, Shemanski Park, Kenton, and Lents International Farmers Markets match up to $20 per day at each market.
    PSU Farmers Market matches up to $20 November through April and $10 May through October.
    For every $2 of SNAP benefits you choose to spend, you’ll automatically get a match of up to $20 in DUFB that you can spend on fruits and vegetables.
    Be sure to use them before they expire on December 31!
    Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program
    The Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program (FDNP) is a benefit offered to WIC families, eligible seniors, and people with disabilities. FDNP checks are issued in specific denominations, which may differ from year to year.

  • They can be spent directly with farmers for fresh vegetables, fruit, and cut herbs.
  • The checks are valid from June 1 through November 30, and no change can be given.
  • FDNP vouchers are accepted by vendors that sell eligible produce. To find out which vendors participate in this program, look for signs displayed in their booths, or ask someone at our market information booth.
  • Waste Reduction

    Portland Farmers Market encourages waste reduction at the farmers market in a variety of ways.

    Durable Dining Program
    Durable Dining is Portland Farmers Market’s initiative to encourage more reuse and less waste at the markets by having hot food vendors at select markets serve their goods exclusively on reusable dishware.

    After enjoying a meal at our Portland State University and King Farmers Markets, customers return used dishware to specially marked bins at the dirty dish stations where they can also find compost, recycling and waste receptacles, as well as drinking and hand-washing water. Dishes are sorted throughout the day by market staff and returned to vendors each week for washing, sanitizing and service at the next market.

    Water Bottle Fill Stations
    Portland Farmers Market does not allow the sale of disposable water bottles and instead encourages shoppers to bring their own reusable water bottle or cup. For your convenience we offer fill stations are provided at each market.

    Reusable Bags
    To reduce waste, shoppers are strongly encouraged to bring their own reusable shopping bags to the farmers market. Should you forget yours, you can purchase a tote bag for $5 from select vendors. The market information booth also sells canvas tote bags and cloth produce bags.

    Market Merchandise

    Visit the market information booth to purchase tshirts, tote bags, and more.

    Self-Guided Market Tours

    We welcome community partners to give free tours of our farmer’s markets. Market tours are a fun and educational way for small groups of students, civic groups, and community members to learn about how food is produced, why it is important to make good food choices, and have a chance to meet the farmers and artisan food producers from our market community.

    If you would like to host a self-guided tour at one of our markets, please contact us via email so we can help you plan your tour accordingly.

    Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates can be purchased by emailing In your email, please provide your name and phone number for us to call you to complete the transaction.
    • There is a $20 minimum, and larger amounts are available in $5 increments. 
    • A $3 processing fee will charged.
    • We will mail the gift certificate to you or your intended recipient.
  • Gift certificates can be redeemed for $5 green market tokens at the Information Booth at our five markets.
  • All market vendors accept these $5 tokens at our five farmers markets.
  • We are unable to issue gift certificates onsite at our markets. In place of a gift certificate, purchase $5 green market tokens at the Information Booth.
  • Need More Information?

    Visit our FAQ page or Contact Us