Filming and Photographing at Markets

Filming at Shem Park

We are delighted you are considering filming and/or photographing at our farmers markets for commercial/business purposes.

Our priority is to support our vendors and promote a sustainable food system while operating an uninterrupted market for our vendors and shoppers. Therefore, we request you submit the Film/Photo Request Form below.

We charge a fee for filming and/or photographing at our farmers markets. It is based on factors including but not limited to:

  • Your project scope.
  • Our staff time required.
  • Degree of impact on market vendors and shoppers.

If you’re interested in submitting a request, please read the Rules & Guidelines, then fill out a Film/Photo Request Form below at least TEN business days before the filming date. 

Please allow us two to three business days to respond to your project request.

We welcome the opportunity to make your project a success!

Please note: Members of the media (i.e., photographers, camera operators, reporters, etc) on assignment to cover a news story related to the Portland Farmers Market, its vendors, volunteers or staff, should email as soon as possible to request filming and interview access before admittance to the markets.

At-Market Rules & Guidelines

Filming at Shem Park

Our primary objective is to operate a smooth and uninterrupted farmers market for both the market vendors and shoppers. In this interest, we have established a series of guidelines and policies: 

Crew Size & Equipment

  • No more than three crew members, including camera operators, models, actors, spokesperson, and project managers, to film at-market. 
  • Limit the amount of equipment you bring as much as possible to ensure the safety and comfort of our vendors and shoppers.
  • Drone cameras are NOT allowed without prior permission.

Vehicles & Parking 

We will work with you to accommodate equipment unloading, but you will need to park vehicles at public parking garages or on the street.

Disruption of Operations 

  • Filming may not interrupt normal market operations (i.e., we cannot move vendors from their assigned booth locations or block shoppers’ access to booths).
  • Do not block market walkways.
  • Do not block entrances to vendor booths or prevent shoppers from accessing vendor products.
  • Keep the number of crew within a vendor booth at one time to a minimum.

Working with At-Market Vendors & Shoppers

  • Ask for a vendor’s permission before filming near or in their booth. 
  • Ask for a vendor’s permission to touch or handle their product(s).
  • We strongly recommend purchasing produce or other products from vendors you are filming or photographing. They generally welcome groups filming at the market, but it is always a nice gesture to support them by buying their products.
  • Ask for a vendor’s and shopper’s permission before filming them. 

Film/Photo Request Form

Film and/or Photo Request

All questions are required to process your request. Please email if you have any questions as you are filling out the form.

"*" indicates required fields

Please also specify who the client/organization is and what product is being promoted by your project.
Please refer to our MISSION, STRATEGY & VALUES page on our website.
Which market do you want to film at?*
We request at least 10 business days notice prior to filming.
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What time do you plan to arrive?*
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For example, do you need specific product or vendor photos, B-roll footage, etc.?
Equipment List*
Please note drone equipment is not permitted.
If it is someone different than the primary contact, please provide their name, email address and phone number.