Become A Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with Portland Farmers Market, a collection of five vibrant markets serving the Portland area. Portland Farmers Market is proud to serve as a small business incubator for the many wonderful farms, nurseries, bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheese makers and specialty food producers our area has to offer.  Every vendor is carefully screened with a commitment to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality locally produced products available.


Step 1: See if You Qualify

Portland Farmers Market is strictly a food and farms marketplace. We are interested in showcasing locally grown, raised, sourced and produced products.

Businesses with value-added products have priority if at least 25% of the ingredients used in the products are sourced directly from small farms in Oregon and SW Washington, with preference given to participating PFM farm vendors. This does not include local distributors, such as Bob’s Red Mill and Glory Bee.

We will not accept the following items at our markets. Further information can be found in our Vendor Handbook in Step 2 below.

  • Crafts, pet food and non-food items unless grown and processed by the producer (e.g., flowers, herb tinctures, beeswax candles, wool products)
  • Food items not grown and/or processed by the vendor, including beverages (i.e. cans of soda or juice and bottled water)
  • Overly processed, deep fried or non-local, carnival-like foods (cotton candy, donuts, taffy, brittle, kettle corn, toffee)
  • Any product not produced in Oregon or Washington
  • Nationally/Internationally distributed products (defined as distribution to 10+ states OR determined by percentage of total business sales)
  • Meat and dairy products treated with growth hormones such as rBGH
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Businesses that operate under a franchise agreement
  • Products containing THC

Step 2: Learn the Market Rules and Regulations

Please read our Vendor Handbook 2020 to learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions, and for additional information about the requirements and expectations of participating in one of our markets.
Vendor Handbook 2020.

Step 4: Submit a Formal Application

During our application period we invite interested businesses to formally apply with us for the upcoming season.

Our applications are currently closed, please submit a vendor interest form and you will be notified when we open applications in late 2020.

Step 5: Application Review and Status Notification

Portland Farmers Market is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally produced products available. Although Portland Farmers Market reserves unconditional discretion to accept or refuse anyone as a market vendor, the selection process is quite rigorous and takes into consideration many factors, including product quality, sourcing, presentation, seniority, regulation compliance, customer service and the right product and vendor mix to ensure a successful market.

  • At the close of the application period, Portland Farmers Market will review applications and be in contact with all applicants.
  • All prospective vendors who are non-farmers (food artisans, bakeries, hot food vendors and product representatives) must go through a product jury process before final acceptance, including submission of an ingredient sourcing form. If you are invited to participate in the product jury, details will be provided to you.
  • All farmers, growers, ranchers and fishers must go through a phone interview or site visit before final acceptance.

Step 6: New Vendor Orientation

Welcome to Portland Farmers Market! All new vendors are required to attend a new vendor orientation before the start of market season. You will receive adequate advance notice about the time, date and location of this orientation meeting. During the meeting, new vendors will meet Portland Farmers Market staff members, review the rules and regulations provided in the Vendor Handbook, and have the opportunity to ask questions and meet fellow members of their new market community.