Mission, Strategy & Values

Portland Farmers Market (PFM) is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization operating five farmers markets committed to the success of regional food growers and producers and creating vibrant community gatherings.

Our five markets provide a direct connection to more than 200 vendors with deep roots in Oregon and Southwest Washington, including farms, nurseries, bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheese makers and specialty food producers.

Started in 1992, PFM currently operates five markets in Portland: PSU, Shemanski Park, King, Kenton, and Lents International Farmers Markets. Learn more about PFM’s history here.

The organization is operated by paid staff and governed by an all-volunteer board of directors and funded through grants, vendor fees, the generous support of market sponsors, various fundraising efforts, shopper donations, and countless hours of volunteer time.

PFM provides educational & community benefit programs and nurturing non-profit partnerships across our market. Read more about our current programs and partnerships here.

Our Mission

Portland Farmers Market operates farmers markets that contribute to the success of local food growers and producers and create vibrant community gatherings.

As a trade association, success for our vendors is our primary objective.

Listening and learning from vendors and shoppers produces outstanding farmers markets where vendors prosper and communities thrive.

Our Vision

Portland Farmers Market is a catalyst for the nation’s most prosperous, healthy and sustainable food system.

  • Food producers thrive and expand.
  • All residents have access to farm fresh food.
  • Farmers markets build, nourish and inspire community.

Our Strategy

Portland Farmers Market believes that to be an effective leader at growing an equitable, healthy, and sustainable local food system, we need to reflect those principles internally. It all starts with a strong foundation. PFM is a sustainable organization that invests in its vendors, employees and volunteers.

Embracing equity as a guiding principle, we encourage employment applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds and from underrepresented groups. We believe that when our staff represents a diversity of perspectives and life experiences, we can be most responsive to the needs of our vendors and shoppers, and better reflect the communities where our markets call home.

For our vendors, we are a marketing organization that attracts shoppers to marketplaces where small businesses can prosper. We are committed to providing business acceleration opportunities such as expanded marketplaces, educational workshops and a diversified shopper base.

Read our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan here.

Our Values


Food is the heart and soul of our lives. Access to fresh nutritious food is a foundation for health and human dignity.


Our markets and operations model social, economic and ecological sustainability.


Positive personal connections and cooperation underlie our contributions to the community. 


By combining innovation and industriousness we achieve our best while making farmers markets fun, functional and beautiful. 

Organizational Integrity

We maintain financial strength and professional fulfillment in a lively team environment. 

Market Integrity

We are accountable to our shoppers by requiring our vendors to produce what they sell and source what they can from local growers.