Market Services

We offer the following services to make your farmers market shopping experience more accessible, relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable!

Market information Booth

If you are new to shopping at farmers markets, have a question, or just want to say hi, our market staff and volunteers are happy to help.

Stop by the Market Information Booth under the yellow canopy during market hours to learn more about vendors, events, activities, purchase market merchandise or tokens, and more!

Waste Reduction at the Markets

Portland Farmers Market encourages reducing waste at our farmers markets in the following ways:

  • Durable Dining Program
    Durable Dining is Portland Farmers Market’s initiative to encourage more reuse and less waste at the markets by having hot food vendors at select markets serve their goods exclusively on reusable dishware. After enjoying a meal at our Portland State University and King Farmers Markets, customers return used dishware to specially marked bins at the dirty dish stations where they can also find compost, recycling and waste receptacles, as well as drinking and hand-washing water. Dishes are sorted throughout the day by market staff and returned to vendors each week for washing, sanitizing and service at the next market.
  • Water Bottle Fill Stations
    Portland Farmers Market does not allow the sale of disposable water bottles. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle or cup and use our fill stations provided at our markets.
  • Reusable Bags
    Bring a reusable shopping bags/totes to the farmers market. If you forgot yours, tote bags can be purchased from select vendors and our market information booth.

Market Merchandise

Visit the market information booth to purchase t-shirts, tote bags, cookbooks, produce bags, and tea towels.

Guided Market Tours

We offer guided tours of our farmers markets. Market tours are a fun and educational way for small groups of students, civic groups, and community members to learn about how food is produced, why it is important to make good food choices, and have a chance to meet the farmers and artisan food producers from our market community. Learn more and submit an interest form here.

If you would like to host a self-guided tour at one of our markets, please email us so we can help you plan your tour accordingly.