Submit A Job Post to The Vendor Job Marketplace


Are you a Portland Farmers Market vendor looking to hire market booth staff?

Let us help you find candidates via our online job marketplace! 

Finding job applicants while operating your business takes time and effort. We have created the PFM Vendor Job Marketplace for our vendors to assist in their search.

PFM Vendor Job Marketplace is available to only our vendors and is a perk of the PFM Vendor Membership program.

If you are interested in submitting a job opportunity to be posted on the marketplace, read the guidelines below first, then submit your Vendor Job Marketplace Post Request.

To preview the Vendor Job Marketplace, check it out here! We expect the marketplace to go live and be available to the public on the week of June 12, 2023.

Vendor Job Marketplace Guidelines


  • Requests for new job posts and any updates to an existing job post will happen once a week on Tuesdays by 5 pm PST. You will receive an email confirming your job post or update is live!
  • To request an update on an existing job post or to remove a job post from the marketplace, please email
  • Job posts must work at one or more Portland Farmers Market locations (PSU, King, Shemanski Park, Kenton, and Lents International).
  • Compensation: All jobs posted on the marketplace must be paid the current Portland Metro minimum wage or above.
  • PFM prioritizes businesses with fair labor practices and a workplace with high standards for health and safety, workers’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, and fair compensation for year-round, seasonal and contract laborers.
  • The posting of a job opportunity on the PFM job marketplace does not constitute knowledge, endorsement, or consent by PFM, nor does PFM assume any liability for the content of any listing.
  • PFM cannot guarantee that a candidate will work out successfully and cannot be held liable for poor performance, etc.
  • Discrimination: Submitted job opportunities must be available to any job seeker regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation. The position must not discriminate based on sex, national origin or citizenship, religion, language, age, etc.
  • Misleading Roles: Jobs must include accurate details about the position, including requirements, compensation, duties, and location.
  • By submitting a job post request, you agree to follow the guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in your job post being removed from the job board.

Submit A Vendor Job Marketplace Post Request

Vendor Job Marketplace Post Request

To submit a request to have your job opportunity posted on our online job board, please complete this form and click submit!

  • We will use this email to communicate with you if we have any questions about your submission, when the job post is live, etc.
  • Tell job seekers about your business. You can also provide links to your website or social media that can be included in your job post.
  • i.e., Farmers Market Attendant, Market Lead, Customer Service Rep, Sales, etc.
  • What market(s) will this job be working at?
  • Include items as job summary, schedule & working conditions, job duties (Market Booth Set Up, Maintenance, Teardown, Customer Service, Sales), knowledge/experience, skills, desired and required qualifications. If you have the job description posted on elsewhere, provide the link for us to include in the job post.
  • What's the pay? (i.e., hourly, tips, commission, etc) Include any benefits.
  • How should people apply for the job? Email a cover letter & resume to a specified email address, come to your at-market booth, call, text? Don't forget to include your phone number or email address.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Open until filled? No more applications being accepted after MM/DD/YY?

Promotional Tactics for Driving Job Seekers

To drive prospective job candidates to the marketplace, PFM will frequently promote it via our social media, monthly newsletters, and weekly email reminders.

  • PFM has a robust digital presence – our content reaches an average of 34K unique Instagram and Facebook followers and users monthly. We will tag you in our posts so you may feature them on your feed or stories.
  • PFM’s highly engaged email subscriber audience is around 7K, with an average open rate of 42% and a click-through rate of 5.7%.

Physical posters promoting the marketplace with a QR code linking to the job marketplace will be placed around our farmers markets. We will provide a sign for you to put in a highly visible area at your booth.