05 April 2010

19 New Vendors

More than 650 farmers and food artisans applied to become vendors at our six market locations for the 2010 season. Here’s a preview of 19 new vendors that will be joining the Portland Farmers Market family. (Visit Facebook for more in-depth vendor profiles.) Next time you are at the market, stop by and say hello!

Barefoot Chicken (NW 23rd Portland Farmers Market) – This hot food concession booth specializes in chicken and tofu creations using locally sourced ingredients.

Farm. (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – Farm. is an exciting new produce and herb venture in Oregon’s French Prairie region. Young farmers have come together, informed by the tried and true practices of the American family farmer.

15 Miles Farm (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – This local farm sells a variety of certified organic fruits and vegetables, and a large portion of their harvest is donated to local charities including the Oregon Food Bank.

Grow Portland (Portland Farmers Market at Pioneer Courthouse Square) – This new grassroots nonprofit project connects local residents with land, supplies and education to grown healthy food. They grow a variety of high quality fresh produce on plots in and near the city.

Hansen Family Farm (Buckman Portland Farmers Market) – This small, family owned and operated sustainable farm in Canby, Oregon, grows heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable starts as well as produce, grass-fed and finished beef, pastured chickens, pastured pork, and fresh eggs from pastured chickens.

LoveJoy Food (Portland Farmers Market at Pioneer Courthouse Square) – LoveJoy Food will present seasonal soups, salads, entrees and desserts that are based on a melding of cuisines, with an emphasis on organic, local and seasonal ingredients.

Nut-Tricious Foods (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – Nut-Tricious Foods specializes in agave nectar-sweetened fresh nut and seed butter blends, including almond, cashew, hazelnut and walnut.  Utilizing their unique and proprietary processes, they maintain the nut and seeds’ nutritional value and benefits. They will be at the market once a month as a product representative.

Oregon Kombucha (Buckman Portland Farmers Market and Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – Oregon Kombucha creates kombucha – a naturally fermented tea beverage – from cultures grown in Portland using only four ingredients. Half of the tea used for brewing is sourced locally. They will be at the market once a month as a product representative.

Pasta del Sol (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – Pasta del Sol will be offering fresh pasta, including linguine, rigatoni, rotini and other assorted fresh and organic noodles.

Petunia’s Pies & Pastries (King Portland Farmers Market) – Petunia’s bakes an assortment of high-end, quality pastries and desserts using fresh locally-grown ingredients that are always handmade by Lisa Clark, with love. Her lively little sweets are a fusion of time-honored American home-style and traditional European baking.

Prana Farms (NW 23rd Portland Farmers Market) – Prana Farms is a small, five-acre farm dedicated to sustainable, permaculture and biointensive practices. They grow a wide selection of certified organic produce and nursery/garden stock from heirloom and open pollinated varieties, as food security is one of their core values.

Reister Farms (Buckman Portland Farmers Market) – Since its founding in 1957, Reister Farms has been dedicated to producing antibiotic and hormone-free products, including lamb, sausages and eggs. They are passionate about educating the public on the importance of agriculture.

Sassafrass Catering (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – Sassasfras will be selling their line of unique relishes, chutneys and preserves based on old-world Southern recipes. All of their products are created in small batches at the peak of the season, and they strive to buy their ingredients directly from local farmers.

Sexton Ranches (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – Sexton Ranches is a family owned ranch in Eastern Oregon that raises natural grass-fed and grass-finished lamb and beef, plus pastured poultry and eggs from pastured hens.

Star Anise Kitchen (Buckman Portland Farmers Market) – Star Anise will offer hot South Asian curries made from locally sourced ingredients, such as Painted Hills Beef, Carlton Farms Pork and Draper Valley chicken.

Two Forks Farm (Buckman Portland Farmers Market) – This new one-acre organic farm on Sauvie Island uses production techniques that rely on using renewable resources, such as compost, cover crops and national organic program-approved amendments, and not on synthetic fertilizers.

Upright Brewing Company (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – This small craft brewery specializes in French and Belgian-inspired farmhouse ales, which will be available in 750 ml bottles.

Verde Cocina (Portland Farmers Market at Pioneer Courthouse Square) – Wholesome Mexican dishes and food products with flair! All dishes, such as soft rolled tacos made with homemade tortillas or fitPockets (healthy pocket sandwiches), heavily feature local, fresh produce and always have vegetarian or vegan options.

Via Chicago (Portland Farmers Market at PSU) – Chicago-style pizza for real! Via Chicago makes the real thing four different ways, with the freshest local ingredients around.