22 July 2011

5 Questions for Frank Creative

For our new logo, we put a bird on it.  Well, Frank Creative, a Portland-based marketing and communications firm, put a bird on it anyway.

Careful who you call chicken

We hit the jackpot with Frank Creative – not only did PFM score a new iconic logo, but we had a chance to work with great creative partners. Frank set-up a process that was easy (and things that look easy take a lot of work), collaborative and inspirational. Considering that what most of us know about agency work comes from TV’s Mad Men, we were pleased to discover that except for a shared love of bourbon, Frank Creative’s David Karstad is basically the un-Don Draper. His fashion style is a little more REI than Brooks Brothers, he’s more likely to be seen shopping for fresh greens than chain smoking, and instead of brylcreemed hair, there’s a ponytail.

But being described as the opposite of a fictional character doesn’t do a person justice. In order get to know the man who helped shape our new logo, David and his agency cohort, David Huecker, were kind enough to play 5 questions for our blog.

Frank Creative in a Mad, Mad Men World

1) What does Frank Creative do?

You can find all of this at frankcreative.com *hint, hint. wink, wink*. We are a brand and design agency that helps grow, position and communicate products and services in the outdoor, athletic and LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) markets.

2)  Every year Frank works with a pro bono client, how did you choose the market as this year’s project?

We’d like to think that each project chooses us. In the case of PFM, here we have a product and purpose that we are passionate about and believe in, and quite frankly, just happy to be a part of. As you know, doing what you love makes it easy.

3) Which farmers Market do you shop at?

Portland State Market

David Karstad, Frank Creative

4) Two part question: When you cook, what is your “go-to” dish?

Depends on the season (of course); however, in the summertime, it’s all about the berries. Everything after that is incidental.

Follow up – Blueberry or cherry?

I refuse to participate in that Sophie’s Choice.

5) I get the umbrella, why a chicken?

Technically, it’s a rooster. And it seems that the rooster has been a popular item with the farmers market for years, so we felt it appropriate to bring it back. Besides, they don’t say put a cow on it, do they?

Thank you, Team Frank, for sharing your time, talents and enthusiasm with us.

Frank is not a who, Frank is a how