08 August 2015

KATU Featured Vendors

If you saw us on KATU Channel 2’s Segment this morning, you no doubt saw the wide variety of fruits and veggies you can find at our markets this time of year. We love to support our vendors and give them credit when it is due, so the following is a list of what you saw featured on the show. If something intrigued you, please stop by their booth at pick up a few things for your next meal, whether it’s at home or on the go.


  • Denison Farms – Buckman
  • Gathering Together Farm – Shemanski Park, Buckman, PSU


  • Valley Berry Farm – Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • Tamiyasu Orchards – Buckman
  • Baird Family Orchards – Pioneer Courthouse Square, Shemanski Park, Buckman, Northwest, PSU


  • Eva’s Herbucha – Shemanski Park, Buckman, PSU, King
  • Nectar Creek Honeywine – PSU


  • Pearl Bakery – Shemanski Park, PSU


  • Alsea Acre Alpines (Party in a Jar) – PSU, King
  • Ancient Heritage Dairy – PSU


  • Choi’s Kimchi – PSU
  • Unbound Pickling – PSU