08 December 2011

A Letter From Trudy Toliver, Our Executive Director

PFM Board President Dick Benner, PFM Executive Director Trudy Toliver, Commissioner Fish, Congressman Blumenauer, Mayor Adams and our new logo! Photo by Deborah Pleva

Dear PFM Friends:

I’ve always prided myself on having jobs that represent what I believe in.  I worked in public transit for a long time; I had a sunny stint at a national park and then raised money for environmental groups.  But now, now I have the best job – ever!  Thank you.

Last year, when considering this position as PFM’s Executive Director, I was told how wonderful the staff is, how capable and bright.  That is true and only the beginning.  They are an awesome team who care about each other and are dedicated to our vendors and shoppers.  Along with the ever-patient and supportive board of directors, they made my first year at PFM thoroughly enjoyable.

While I had fun, we also got a lot done.  We celebrated our 20th anniversary with an at-market event where elected officials spoke; then the International Culinary School hosted an anniversary dinner for 200 of our closest friends.  We butchered half a pig on Saturday, played veggie bingo on Thursday and planted starts on Sunday.

Even back at the office I was blissful through development of a new logo with the incomparable Frank Creative, the re-write of our vendor handbook, and a new strategic plan that helps shape our future.

What a beautiful year.

Here are my intentions for next year:   I will get dirt under my finger nails (that means spend some time on a farm).  I will learn to prepare kohlrabi and like it.  I’ll become involved in the neighborhoods we serve and will advocate for farmers’ markets with elected officials.  I also want to become better friends with the many of you I’ve met so far and meet those whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure.  And I hope to see you at our new Winter Market this January!

Warm winter wishes,