15 September 2011

A Partnership of Shared Values

Chef David McIntyre leads a market tour as part of the Kids Cook class

The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Portland is proud to once again be sponsor­ing the Portland Farmers Market.

Currently offering the only Culinary Management bachelors degree program in Oregon, The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Portland is the only culinary school in the United States with an Academic Minor in Sustainable Design. This sponsorship is a unique opportunity to support our community, our local farmers and ranchers, and to provide our students with the experience of sourcing and working with not simply local products, but some of the best products available anywhere.

“Our partnership with the Portland Farmers Market allows us to showcase our commitment to our shared values — using local products, building a strong food community founded on principles of quality and sustainability and teaching people about how food and cooking can serve as the foundation for great personal, and professional fulfillment,” said Ken Rubin, Chef Director at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Portland.  “The opportunities that exist in the world of food are vast, and our participation with the Market reinforces this position, while allowing our students to have the real world experiences that give them the motivation and direction to succeed.”

The next generation of young chefs?

The International Culinary School’s faculty, Chef Cory Schreiber, Chef Andrea Slonecker, Chef David McIntryre and Chef Eric Wynkoop, have been working with culinary students to present this summer’s “Kids Cook at the Market” series where budding chefs have a farm-to-table experience shopping the Market, meeting area farmers and learning to prepare fresh, healthy and delicious recipes. This summer the Kids Cook series included recipes for Strawberry Crepes, Sushi for Kids, Berry Bonanza Salad, Blender Gazpacho, Creative Corn recipes and Summer Salsa.

The Art Institute of Portland students in the Photography and Digital Film and Video departments are working on documenting the Portland Farmers Market’s 20th season. The Photography students will be capturing the bounty of the Markets in still images and the Digital Film and Video students will be producing a series of short spots highlighting the role the Portland Farmers Market has played in building communities over the past twenty years, the diversity the Markets bring into the city, and the people who come together week after week, Market after Market to make them all that they are.

In addition, The International Culinary School will be hosting the Portland Farmers Market’s fundraising gala in October at the Culinary school and student-operated restaurant, Sharp. Portland Chefs and local producers will pair with our own chef instructors and students to present a festive a pan-to-plate style tasting event benefiting the Portland Farmers Market and celebrating twenty tremendous years.

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