02 October 2012

Amber Waves of Food

Food Waves is one of our growers. They brought the best romaine to PSU this week, it was small green and worthy of the salmon it shared a salad with. I’d do it again. Food Waves is also a non-profit, working as a very small type of future famers of america. Last week they sent us a letter we wanted to share with a wider audience. Thanks to Matt and Nathan for putting it together. 

As  you  may  know,  Food|Waves  is  an  educational,  501(c)3  non-­profit.  Working  with  our  partner  farm,   Converging   Creeks   Farm   (Colton,   OR),   we   provide   the   technical   and   financial   support   to   train   the   next   generation  of  sustainable  farmers  and  gardeners.

This   season,   we   have   two   part-­time,   stipend   apprentices   that   participated   in   six,   one-­day   training  sessions  and  worked  on  the  farm  from  February-­October  2012-­  with  consistent  30  hour  weeks  from  late  May   through  mid-­September.

Food|Waves   apprentices   were   trained   in   greenhouse   management,   field   planning,   irrigation, transplanting,   harvesting,   marketing,   animal   husbandry,   and   proper   use   of   farm   equipment.  From   the beginning   of   the   season,   working   alongside   our   master   farmer,   Nathan,   the   apprentices   have   been   part   of   all   aspects  of  managing  a  small  business  farm.

Students, In a Van

Through  funds  received  from  a  CLIF  Bar  grant  and  the  sale  our  produce,  Food|Waves  was  able  to  pay   for  these  two  apprenticeship  positions.    We  are  ambitious,  and  we  want  to  expand  to  two  full-­time  positions   ($5,000  each)  and  three  part-­time  positions  ($3,000  each)  for  the  2013  growing  season!  Please  help  us  with  a   tax-­deductible  donation  by:

1)  Sending  a  check  to  Food|Waves  at  2870  SE  Roswell  Street,  Milwaukie,  OR  97222.

2)  Using  Paypal  through  our  web  site  at  www.foodwaves.org

Your donation will pay for the apprentices’ stipends and  materials needed for training such as: seeds,  organic  fertilizer,  farm  implements  (i.e.  greenhouse,  tractor,  irrigation,  animals,  etc.),  young  pigs,  goats,   turkeys,  and  chickens  to  raise,  animal  feed,  training  sessions,  and  the  lease  of  the  farm  land.  Food|Waves  also   provides   funds   for   the   training   of   our   apprentices,   interns,   students,   and   volunteers   through   the   sale   of   our         produce,  eggs,  and  livestock,  but  your  help  enables  us  to  reach  our  goals!

Income earned from selling our produce to restaurants, small grocery stores, and at Farmer’s Markets  purchases   materials   for   raised   bed   and/or   small   container   gardens (i.e.   wood,   soil,   organic   fertilizer,   screws,   hoses,  nozzles,  etc)  for  schools,  small  businesses,  churches,  individuals/families,  and  other  non-­profits  in  the   Portland  Metro  area  and  Clackamas  County.    We  donate  the  plants  from  our  greenhouse  and  use  these  gardens   to  train  community  members  how  to  grow  their  own  fresh,  healthy  organic  veggies!  In  summary:

Funds  from  donations/grants/sales  >  Pays  for  seeds/manure/farm  implements  >      Educates  apprentices/interns/students/volunteers  >  Produce  is  grown/sold  through  the  training  process  >        That  money  builds  raised  beds  and/or  small  container  gardens  for  schools,  families,  etc.  >      Community  members  learn  how  to  grow  their  own  food  /build  more  beds  >  REPEAT! 

We  are  able  to  train  an  apprentice  with  one  $5,000  grant  or  one-­hundred  $50  dollar  donations.  We  want   one  full-­time  apprentice  from  a  grant-­  the  other  from  donations  like  yours!

Thanks  for  your  time  and  support!

Matthew  E.  Brown,  Chief  Operating  Officer                                Nathan  C.  McFall,  Director  of  Technical  Services