31 August 2012

As Concise As I Can Be

This post will not keep you from making the most of Summer’s last weekend.

Grill, salt, eat, repeat

Big News – No Pioneer Square Market on Labor Day.

PSU, King, and Kenton (Friday, 3-7) are all queued up and ready to bring you the fresh, local foods you need to make your holiday weekend a little more special. Grill something. Pack fruit, melon, tomatoes as big as your head and as flavorful as any you’ve ever tasted and head to the beach.

With so much local foods, it’s hard to keep up, but our blog is trying: We recently posted this article from Kathryn Yeomans on how to make better school lunches. Nutritionist Debra Meadow wrote about beet salad, our own Trudy posted on how to cook for lunch for a week. Next week, we’ll have cake ideas from Elizabeth Miller (buy that zucchini with confidence that you’ll have a recipe for it next week). And if you are thinking, “maybe a nice dinner is in order once the wee ones are settled into school”, you can learn more about the feast that is Feast here.

BTW – Our PCS Market is taking Labor Day off. Enjoy the weekend.