08 November 2013

Back, Bacon

Bacon’s back at Sweetbriar Farms at PSU this week. Love the smell of bacon in the morning. PSU continues it’s  march, operating 9-2 until Saturdays  through December 21st, that’s the Saturday before Christmas. Even as the season winds down, PSU is still our biggest market offering endless options for local food choices, quality ingredients for the seasonal table and yes, holdiay gift ideas. For example, Eagle Organic Cranberries, Freddy Guys, and for pasture raised turkeys.

imageAt King on Sunday, we welcome back Tierra del Sol. Thanks to an especially active (?) Day of the Dead, the Micro Mercantes supported business missed the King Market last week. They’re slated to return this week, which means my Sunday morning breakfast and my Sunday outlook just improved. Tierra is snuggled in between Night Owl Coffee and Enchanted Sun Breakfast Burrito (for those who need; possibly desire) a more substantial tortilla filled goodie – that stretch on the North side of the reconfigured King Market is the single best 10 yards you’ll find on a Sunday – outside of your team’s first down marker.

Mudjoy is rocking it with the best displayed, most beautiul and fine tasting veg on either side of the Willamette – They are apearing at both King and PSU this weekend.20131013_130033

And speaking of Willamette, here not the river but the Weekly. They just published their annual Give Guide – an edition dedicated to highlighting some of the great community organizations who work hard to keep Portland being Portland. Our sister organization, Farmers Market Fund is in there. They have a goal of raising $10,000 this year. That 10,000 will be used to match SNAP benefits, which serves the dual purpose of helping families struggle to get food on the table and support farmers, growers and ranchers. Learn more; possibly give here