24 March 2011

Better than Great, it’s Gouda!

Rios - Heidi Ho

Heidi-ho! Our First Market

Article and pictures by Diane Rios

Heidi Ho Organics is a Portland vegan food company founded by Heidi K. Lovig and run with Lyssa M. Story. This is their first year at the Portland Farmer’s Market and they bring with them a wealth of experience, passion and commitment to creating extremely tasty and healthful vegan cheeses or as Heidi-ho refers to them, cheezes.

For vegans there have been relatively few tasty options in the world of cheeze, but that has all changed with Heidi Ho’s amazing initial run of four delicious non-dairy cheezes: Feta, Monterey Jack, Chipotle Cheddar and Smoked Gouda. These amazing products pack a powerful flavor and creamy texture, easily rating as one of the best on the market!

They also represent founder Heidi Lovig’s mission to creating tasty, vegan, locally-sourced, sustainable foods. Lovig feels passionately about keeping both body and the local economy healthy. Having spent time learning about food in Hawaii, she became familiar with the creamy qualities of the macadamia nut. Keeping it local, she now uses the Oregon hazelnut as a base for her cheezes, providing a delicious alternative to soy.

“I began experimenting by replacing the popular cashew nut in alternative cheezes with the hazelnuts of Meridian Farms, one of the only organic hazelnut farms in Oregon. I use these hazelnuts in the majority of our products. We make about a dozen different varieties of cheezes from Bleu to Colby to Ricotta; we make an assortment of products that can replace any dairy cheese in recipes and it is the more health and earth conscious choice.” Lovig says that in addition to launching these first four cheezes, Heidi Ho is busy developing new nut-based creamy sauces and dips.

We can’t wait!

Look Gromit, Cheese, Vegan Cheese

Do yourself, our local economy, and the earth a favor and check out the new Heidi Ho Organics booth on the west side of the PSU Farmer’s Market, or look for their products at Food Fight, a vegan grocer at 13th and SE Stark st., or go to their website at heidi ho organics.

Diane Rios is fluent in French, an artist, a vegan food enthusiast, writer-blogger and on rare occasions bass playing rocker. Originally from Eugene, Diane now resides in SE Portland with daughter, hubby and dog. You can follow her work and passions at LIBERTE, EGALITE, FRATERNITE!