29 June 2012

Building a Burger To the Future

This Sunday, July 1st, King Market is hosting its annual Build a Burger from 11-1. Build a Burger is a simple premise, PFM Vendors donate burger fixins, volunteers cook up the burger and the rest of us get Oregon-rasied pastured beef for $5. Plus 100% of proceeds go directly to Farmers Market Fund’s Fresh Exchange Program, a project that matches funds for Market-goers who use the Oregon Trail Card. The net result is more spending power for people who need to stretch their food dollar, more money stays in the local food economy helping growers, ranchers and farmers and selfishly, real good $5 burgers. Special thanks to Deck Family, Pine Mountain Ranch for the

Build Your Own Burger
With These

beef, Grand Central for Buns, Groundworks for all the veg and Unbound Pickling & Choi’s Kimchi making the burger that much more special.

If you can’t make the event, aren’t that interested in a burger, or more interested in learning about the Farmers Market Fund and Fresh Exchange, you can follow this link to donate to the cause.

With the 4th falling on a Wednesday this year, I’m unsure if this weekend or the following is the holiday weekend. I’ll objectively measure the amount of fireworks being shot in N. Portland over the next 2 weekends and post the final results. Because the 4th falls on Wednesday there will be no Shemanski Market on the 4th. It’s a holiday of sorts – the farm never rests – for all our farmers and vendors.

And speaking of North Portland, Kenton Market continues to roll on. The Market is located in the central part of Kenton’s business district. You can take in the whole neighborhood, pick up fruit, veg and tacos and salsa and then check out books from the library, get a beer, pick up some meat from Cason’s to go with your produce. The Market goes from 3-7, at the corner of North Denver and McClellan, the neighborhood is there all the time, check it out.

Kraut on your hotdog?
Upgrade the experience!

PSU goes from 8:30-2 on Saturday. Beginning this week Sunset Lane Farm, aka the Chicory People, will be joining us. Word is they’ll have chicory. Unbound Pickling, Build a Burger donator,  has a new Maraschino cherry for good for ice cream sundaes or old fashioned(s) – Get your Don Draper on, with a touch of Oregon. Don’t forget to say thanks to Pine Mt, the Deck Family, Grand Central, Choi’s and Groundworks this weekend – if they are good enough for our burgers, imagine what they will do for yours. There’ll be plenty of stuff to stuff in your picnic basket at PSU, Sunday’s King and Monday’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, remember don’t wait for Wednesday to do your shopping, Shemanski is closed this Wednesday, the 4th.