13 July 2012

Busy, Busy, Very Busy Week

It’s the height of summer, PFM has 7 Markets running, food is coming into season by the minute and because of the transitory nature of Portland’s non-rainy season, there’s always an extra urgency to make the most out of sunny days. On a personal level this means camping trips, outdoor parties and weddings – sometimes all in the same day. For the Market, the July means more action packed in a weekend than you’ll find in a summertime blockbuster.

The big day; BIG DAY is Monday. Drew Carney is hosting the Country Financial 2012 Chef Challenge at our Pioneer Square Market! From 11:30am to 1:00pm chefs Gregory Gourdet of Departure, David Padberg of Park Kitchen and Sarah Schafer of Irving Street Kitchen cook-off. 30 minutes of shopping the Market, followed by an hour of cooking.

This Could Be Your Grill
This Weekend:
Winters has Corn Ready!

Market fresh foods, Master MC Drew Carney and local talents putting their personal stamp on the bounty of local foods. Join us for the fun, you can read more here.

Today Kenton Market! Our newest Market, tucked away in North Portland’s historic neighborhood. Sungold, Little Gnome, Hot Mamma Salsas set up shop on Kenton’s main drag. 2 blocks from a Max Stop, restaurants, beer, libraries, barbershops, Cup & Saucer – easy, relaxed way to decompress from work and get your veg on – All in one stop.

Sunday is our King Market, this week we have a Market and an Urban Homesteading Fair. Slow Food, Fruit Tree Project, Master Gardeners, Hammer and Hand for home projects, and one that I know my chicken-curious dog, Fred has questions about, Just Us Hens (Although Rhonda can answer bee questions too, and there is something Fred never wants to deal with again).

PSU Saturday. Cherries, berries, fruit! Plus the high-quality local and regional grown, gathered and raised

foods. Over 100+ vendors, all under a beautiful canopy of trees – and if your like me the only thing worse than too much rain is too much direct sunlight. When did we all become Vampire Bill?