29 March 2013

Butter and Honey We Shall Eat

Easter. Chocolate bunnies, dyed eggs, cleaning peeps out of a microwave: Food will be central to the celebration this Sunday. But that’s Sunday, let’s talk about Saturday first: 70 degrees for the first time this year. Our PSU Market is the place to show your holiday guests how Portland does food. We’ll host a 100 or so vendors selling everything you could possibly need for your holiday table, and to prove the bee is back, new vendors Honey Mama’s (raw cocoa treats sweetened with honey) Nectar Creek Honeywine along with PSU stalwart, Boyco honey.  Looking for the perfect hostess gift?  Early Mom and Hummingbird Farms both make their season debuts this week with colorful bouquets.

Gluten free dinner guests? Fret not,  Cascade Naturals, Queen of Hearts and Petunias will be on hand to help you feed all.

Tails & Trotters

Tails & Trotters Ham

Sexton Ranches has legs of lamb – studded with garlic and slow roasted on the grill, possibly served with polenta and DeNobles Carrots would rock anyone’s holiday table. SuDan, Deck, Draper Girls and Pine Mountain will also have lamb.

Equally traditional is the Easter ham. Tails & Trotters is offering their signature hazelnut finished ham, smoked over applewood. Or try Olympic Provisions Sweetheart Ham, so named because it’s a perfect size to share with your sweetie. Also good to win points with your sweetie, mashed potatoes.

Pescetarians – not a denomination, well in the traditional sense, can indulge with Linda Brand Crab or deliciousness from The Smokery. Want to veg out – Pasta Del Sol fresh pasta wrapped around sauteed chard and sheep’s milk cheese, like the good stuff from Willapa Hills like a lasagna for one; possibly two or more. Non cookers, check out The Farmer’s Feast Easter meal here.

Raab! Mushrooms! Flowers! Eggs everywhere. Did you forget about the 70 degree day? PSU begins at 8:30 and goes til 2. It’s on the Park Blocks on the PSU Campus. This may be the nicest weekend we get until later in April. Come join us, we will choose  good.