11 October 2013


No one, not a soul, except for me, is calling this weekend’s gathering of 10 imagechefs/authors at PSU #cookbooknado. There are no chainsaws, no Tara Reid, no hyper-aggressive weather anomaly referred to as a ‘nado, (even though it would more accurately, less awesomely be called a cyclone). We are, however, forecasting a previously unexperienced confluence of cookbooks, talented authors and local foods – so who knowns how this will spin.

Our lineup – Karen Brooks, The Mighty Gastropolis, Lynne Curry, Pure Beef, Sasha Davies, The Cheesemaker’s Apprentice, John Gorham & Liz Crain, Toro Bravo, Ellen Jackson, The Chefs Collaborative Cookbook, Diane Morgan, Roots, Laurie Wolf, writer of Portland Oregon Chef’s Table plus Gabriel Rucker & Andrew Fortgang, Le Pigeon. All will be on hand to sell and sign their Christmas gift worthy books between 10-1. Plus Piper Davis, Diane Morgan and Lynne Curry will school us in the ways of food with cooking demos beginning at 10am. (Programming note: The cooking demos will replace music this week, so keep in mind Ms. Morgan’s Roots are the cooking kind, although we’d probably have our best demo ever if Questlove cooked up some food.)

Our remaining Markets at King on Sundays, Shemanski on Wednesdays along with Saturday’s PSU are an ongoing testament to the knowledge, ability and talent of our area growers, ranchers, orchardists and food artisans. It’s harvest time and everything is ready for roasting, baking and souping.


Elizabeth Beekley, founder of Two Tarts is moving onto cakes with her new enterprise, Palace Cakes. Food Waves is the center of this feature with gorgeous pictures of seasonal veg: here and Grow Portland, who will soon be offering 100 lbs. of winter crops (more next week), has advice on how to store those roots that you will hear Diane Morgan speaking of this weekend.

Plenty of market time, harvest time is on, come join us.image