02 May 2011

Dave’s Killer Bread Rises to Become Season Sponsor

On a recent market day, one question was heard at our Information Booth several times over, “Where is the Dave’s Killer Bread booth?”  The truth is, Dave’s Killer Bread is no longer a vendor at Portland Farmers Market—but don’t panic!  You can still purchase killer bread from Dave’s booth once a month at each of our six market locations.  Read on to learn more.

In August of 2005, Dave’s Killer Bread began selling their delicious and nutritious loaves at Portland Farmers Market to rave reviews from customers. After that opening day, it took only a few months for local grocery stores to start carrying Dave’s Killer Bread. Their products are now available at Whole Foods, New Seasons, Costco, WinCo, Safeway, and many other retailers throughout the West. What started as a booth at one of our markets has flourished into an incredible bread empire.

Last year, we informed Dave that his company would be graduating from the Market at the end of the 2010 season to make room for incubating new up-and-coming food producers. Dave understood the decision, but wondered how he could remain involved with the Market.  He recognized that the Market had been an essential ingredient in the spectacular rise of his bread company and decided to sign on as a season sponsor, which allows him to have a booth once per month at each of Portland Farmers Market’s six locations.

Vintage DKB, circa 2005

“My team and I couldn’t wait to go to the markets every week,” Dave recalls of those first years at the market. “It was such a great experience to sell our breads, meet customers face-to-face, and tell the story behind our products. Portland Farmers Market has helped launch many local food businesses. It is such a special organization that we wanted to continue to support it as a sponsor.”

At Portland Farmers Market, we are honored to have played a role in the success of Dave’s Killer Bread, a role that exemplifies how our organization supports fledgling food entrepreneurs and serves as an incubator for small businesses. The fact that Dave’s Killer Bread is returning as a sponsor is the ultimate success story.

Here is the current 2011 booth schedule for all of you Dave’s Killer Bread enthusiasts:

4/2 – PSU

5/1 – King
5/7 – PSU
5/18 – Shemanski Park
5/19 – Buckman

6/2 – Northwest
6/5 – King
6/20 – Pioneer Courthouse Square
6/25 – PSU
6/29 – Shemanski Park
6/30 – Buckman

7/3 – King
7/9 – PSU
7/11 – Pioneer Courthouse Square
7/14 – Northwest
7/20 – Shemanski Park
7/21 – Buckman

8/6 – PSU
8/7 – King
8/11 – Buckman
8/17 – Shemanski Park
8/18 – Northwest

9/3 – PSU
9/4 – King
9/14 – Shemanski Park
9/22 – Northwest
9/26 – Pioneer Courthouse Square
9/29 – Buckman

10/1 – PSU
10/26 – Shemanski Park
10/30 – King

11/19 – PSU

12/17 – PSU

BONUS: Dave’s Killer Bread will also donate 25% of sales generated during their monthly market appearances to Fresh Exchange!