06 August 2012

Farmers Market Week

If things a feel a little different this week, it’s not the heat, it’s national Farmers Market Week. 

It might be the heat too.

The USDA announced that due to demand, the number of Farmers Markets have grown by 9.6% in 2012. The combination of high-quality produce and crafted foods, a traditional market place to meet family, friends & neighbors, a chance to directly support local farmers and innovative programs like Fresh Exchange that make local foods available to all of Portland’s residents have fueled this growth.

PFM isn’t celebrating with any specific events, since every week is a Farmers Market week to us. However, we’d like to thank (always) the people who work so very hard to grow and make our foods, along with everyone who supports local agriculture. We’d also encourage you to use the occasion of Farmers Market Week to check out the good work our friends at the Farmers Market Coalition do to promote local agriculture and thanks also to Governor Kitzhaber for the helping promote agriculture in Oregon – link the proclamation below. Personally, I’m celebrating with a peach, one so big it might make Roald Dahl’s James a little envious.