21 September 2012

Feast On

Portland is Feast-ing this weekend. All of you know how good the food is here, you’re already ahead of the curve, but for those showing up in Portland for the 4 days of events the knowledge that in this little pocket of the world we know how to grow food, cook food and enjoy food will travel home with our visitors. That and the fact we know a thing or two about beer and wine as well.

Portlander and Feaster, Diane Morgan, who appears at Powells tonight (along with Julie Richardson of Baker and Spice and Ken Forkish of Ken’s Pizza and Bakery), visited our Shemanski Market earlier this week to talk about her new book, Roots. You can watch the clip here. Speaking of cookbook authors, Mark Bittman was here last night and my new favorite cookbook author, Andrea Nguyen will also be at Powells, on Saturday at 4pm. See who turns up at the PSU Market on Saturday.

Kenton, only 2 Markets left and what a shame, it’s pie season. We’re in our last week for Pioneer Courthouse Square, Buckman and NW. King and Shemanski go until the end of October and PSU IS IN SESSION UNTIL DEC 15th -again sorry about the caps but we want to draw attention to the fact PSU GOES UNTIL MID DECEMBER!


If you are looking for something totally Oregonish to taste at our Markets – PEARS! APPLES! HAZELNUTS! I don’t know why the caps work, when used in moderation they just do – too much of it and it looks like a CDC Bulletin.

The savory side has squash, tomatoes, beans – It’s soup waiting to happen.

Enjoy your feast be personal, public or well-organized.

See you at the markets.