22 October 2013

Fermentation Fest

Friend of the Market, Liz Crain, co-author of the new and very holiday giftable, Toro Bravo Cookbook has teamed up with PFM vendor, Dave Barber  of Bingo Sandwiches, to present the Fourth Annual Fermentation Festival. Liz sent us an update about tomorrow’s fest – Although Liz would never say this, It’s like Mardi Gras with brine. Info below:PFF2013TimRoot
Come celebrate pickling season at the Fourth Annual Portland Fermentation Festival at Ecotrust. Taste and share homemade live, fermented food and drinks made by professionals and home fermentation enthusiasts at the event that brought out more than 500 attendees in 2011.
Talk to fellow fermenters, exchange cultures and recipes, get advice from local food fermentation enthusiasts, and sample everything from sour pickles, miso and kefir to cheese, hard cider, and mead.
Fourth Annual Portland Fermentation Festival
Wednesday, October 23rd 6:00-9:30pm
Ecotrust’s Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center
Rooftop food and drink sales and music from DJ Pickle Barrel
721 NW 9th Ave. Portland, OR
All ages, open to the public, $10-$20
Children 12 and younger attend for free
Visit the website above for more information on how to enter fermented goods and cultures for the event. If you’d like to see what past Portland Fermentation Festivals have been like check out some coverage: