15 May 2014

Friday Is Awesome (and Saturday & Sunday too)

IMG_1276Food is on the agenda this weekend, well a little more than usual anyway. Friday night – the dynamic, fun, knowledgeable, vegan, book writing vegetable lover and all around good guy, Bryant Terry will be in Kenton to talk about food as part of his life journey. Details are on this very blog below or click this.

If Friday night is movie night and you’ve already seen The Lego Movie, and improbably don’t want to see it again, the equally awesome and not just because everything is awesome, Growing Cities is playing in town. The documentary is a fundraiser for PSU’s (our Saturday Market host) Learning Gardens Laboratory. You can watch the trailer here or learn more about why high density urban environments might be the new agrarian ideal by learning more about the garden lab at this link.

DSC_0478Speaking of PSU…The big show, with over 150ish vendors runs this and every Saturday through Christmas. Breakfast, lunch and stuff for dinner with the possibility for eleveneses and brunch thrown in. Everything you can grow, ranch, fish, bake, artisan or monger in the pacific NW; all in one spot. All sales go directly to farms and vendors who have worked so hard to give Portland such a good reputation for its foodism.

Sunday is our King Market. Think of it as 1/5 the size (but not 20% of the Market) of PSU, tucked in N/NE Portland offering a chance to meet and mingle with friends and neighbors. King runs every Sunday until Thanksgiving. Join us between 10-2. If four hours of local foods aren’t enough for you? Team PFM, will be at the Kenton Street Fair this week between 10-6 sampling, strawberries from, I believe, our market bike – and it’s a sight to behold. The fair, despite metrological predictions to the contrary will weather worthy of the neighborhood this year. PFMProducePedaler