06 October 2016

Gobble Gobble! PFM Vendors Selling Thanksgiving Turkeys

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Did you know you can do your holiday menu shopping at our markets, from cranberry sauce to the turkey? This year, two vendors are selling turkeys to complete your Thanksgiving meal.

SuDan Farm

Availability: Pasture-raised market whites – frozen, all sizes available


  • 15 pounds and under: $4.95 per pound
  • 15.1 -20.9 pounds: $4.50 per pound
  • 21 pounds and more: $4.00 per pound

To order: Visit their market booth at PSU on Saturdays, call 971-219-3884 or contact them via email at susdan@web-ster.com.  A $10 nonrefundable deposit is required for all orders.

Pick up: PSU Market on Nov. 19

Deck Family Farm

Availability: Heritage, bronze and white turkeys


  • Heritage/Bronze, Small (3-7 lbs): $45
  • Heritage/Bronze Large (14-20 lbs): $100
  • Broad Breasted, White Medium (8-12 lbs): $100
  • Broad Breasted White, Large (12-18 lbs ): $130.00.

To order: Visit their market booth at PSU on Saturdays or King on Sundays, call 541-998-4697 or order online at www.DeckFamilyFarm.com.