06 April 2012

Holy Moses/Charlton Heston – It's both Easter & Passover

Colorful Easter Egg Radishes find their calling this weekend

It is easy enough to talk about the lamb and the eggs going into this weekend. And we did, earlier in the week, when Elizabeth Miller gave us instructions on how to dye eggs naturally. There is a multitude of vendors who sell eggs at PSU on Saturdays – duck, quail, chicken; what-have-you. If we’re feeling egg-centric, it’s only because somehow brunch, both the verb and the meal, seem to be a big time Easter activity. French toast, frittata, over easy–all require eggs, and why not use the best ingredients for your brunchables on Sunday? (Maybe you aren’t anxious to dye two dozen market eggs for the Easter Bunny, but then again since Sunday’s eggs are next week’s egg salad, maybe you want to start with the best ingredients.)  In lieu of the ovo, you could always pick up a dozen appropriately-named Easter Egg Radishes from DeNoble’s instead.

You don’t have to be Ron Swanson to appreciate bacon and Pine Mountain and Pono can round out your brunch table. If you push back the meal to later in the day, the same culprits along with SuDan and Sexton Ranches will have your ham, roasts and lamb.

If you have more of an Easter sweet tooth, Alma and Suzanne have chocolates (let the kids eat the milk chocolate). Lisa at Petunia’s has been baking up a storm this week – to quote from her Facebook page they will offer, “Marshmallow Peep Treats, Chocolate Frosted Cake Doughnut w/ sprinkles, Blueberry Lemon Glazed Doughnut, Chocolate Peanut Butter Glazed Doughnut, pecan Sticky Buns, Chocolate PB Egg Cupcakes, Carrot Zucchini w/ Cream Cheese Frosting” just to name a few.

Although Saturday’s Market comes a little late for the beginning of Passover, there are plenty of veg that can represent the bitter – Osmogaia has mustard greens, Deep Roots – raab, and the Springhill Gang has lemony sorrel.

At least April showers are good for something

Premiering this week at PSU: Temptress Truffles. We’ll have a feature on this new-to-PFM vendor soon, but truffles, truffle hunting dogs and truffle butter, truffle pepper, truffle salt should be enough to pique your interest. If you’re wondering what to bring to a brunch or Seder you’ve been invited to, it’d be wise to stop by our newest vendor’s booth. Or bring flowers. April showers are truly making April flowers.

All this and more 8:30 to 2 on the PSU Campus Saturday Morning.