29 July 2013

How Local is Your Plate?

Local Plate is a new company sourcing seasonal foodstuffs from local farmers, ranchers and fishermen—including PFM vendors Gathering Together Farm and Split River Growers—to create easy-to-make meal kits for the home cook.

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By Nicholas Erler, Co-founder, Local Plate

While the demand for local food continues to grow, it can sometimes be challenging for shoppers to know exactly what is in season and how to turn the region’s best ingredients into simple, satisfying meals. Local Plate makes eating well both easy and delicious by providing seasonal recipes and locally-sourced ingredients in convenient meal kits.

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Turn locally-sourced ingredients…

Discovering food through individual ingredients can often be intimidating, which is why we provide straightforward recipes using fresh, local produce and proteins. By providing you the tools to create high quality meals at home, eating local and seasonal food is now as easy as calling for carry out!

...into simple, tasty meals.

…into simple, tasty meals.

We believe that supporting local farmers creates a more sustainable economy and stronger community. Local Plate is serious about sourcing and has built relationships with local farms such as Gathering Together Farm, Split River Growers and Sauvie Island Organics to develop recipes based on the produce they have available. Local Plate also sources all of its meat and seafood from local ranchers and fishermen, including Mountain Shadow Natural Meats, Kookoolan Farms and Port Orford Sustainable Seafood.

We know you have busy lives. Local Plate allows you to slow down, spend time with your friends and family and enjoy a healthy home cooked meal together while supporting our region’s farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Here’s how:

1) Go to www.localplate.com and choose your favorite seasonal meals.

2) Check out online and choose between home delivery or pickup.

3) Follow the simple cooking instructions and enjoy a home cooked, local and seasonal meal!

Fans of Portland Farmers Market get 10% their first purchase using this code: FMJUL54