01 July 2010

If You Build It They Will Come

Build a better community by building a better burger at the King Portland Farmers Market this Sunday, July, 4th. Portland Farmers Market vendors and community partners have come together to help support Foodshare Fund Northeast (FFNE), the innovative program that helps our local ranchers and growers provide healthy food to our neighbors who receive SNAP benefits.

About 31 million Americans received assistance providing food for their families through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in 2009. Area residents who use their SNAP funds at the King Market receive up to $10 in matching tokens to spend with local farmers, growers and ranchers through the fund.

With one out of six Oregonians experiencing food insecurity, demand on the FFNE’s program is at an all-time high. Last year, the fund matched $234 per Sunday. This year it has risen to $896 per Sunday. Rain or shine, these families in need have been tapping into this fund to get more fresh, local food on their table. Plus it puts more money in the pockets of our hard-working farmers and ranchers. It’s a fantastic program.

You can help your fellow Oregonians and treat yourself to a 4th of July Burger; grass fed beef–or for the vegetarian inclined, a grilled Tofurky sausage–for a mere $5. 100% of the proceeds to go the matching fund program that helps your neighbors purchase healthy, local foods as they work to build a stable future.

Join us this Sunday, July 4 at the King Market (NE 7th & Wygant) between 11 am and 1 pm. Your $5 will get you a better burger, better communities and help keep your dollars in the local farm economy.

Portland Farmers Market would like to thank our wonderful vendors and community partners who have graciously donated the following items for this fundraiser:

•    Pine Mountain Ranch & Deck Family Farm (burgers)
•    Groundwork Organics (veggie toppings)
•    Springwater Farm (mushrooms for toppings bar)
•    Unbound Pickling (pickles)
•    Dave’s Killer Bread (buns)
•    Turtle Island Foods, Inc. (Tofurky vegetarian “sausage” option)
•    Grand Central Bakery (vanilla shortbread cookies for dessert)
•    New Seasons Market (cheese)
•    Alberta Cooperative Grocery (condiments)
•    Tim’s Cascade Snacks (potato chips)
•    Pesto Out of the Box (pesto)