27 January 2012

Kale, Sweet Potato and Bean Soup

Recipe from Katherine Deumling
Friend of the Market, Katherine Deumling cooks with a philosophy we all like to embrace, Cooking with what you have. This is almost, nearly the name of her business, Cook with what you have, where anyone can sign up for a class hosted in Deumling’s very own kitchen stadium located in inner SE Portland. Here, she teaches fundamentally sound cooking, without the stress and the worry just good food made from good, common (and usually seasonal and local) ingredients. Today, the Deumling, as we like to call her, visits a soup recipe from Terry Walters and does what you are supposed to do with a pot of soup, makes it her own. Read below and check out the Deumling‘s website when you get a chance. 

Kale, Sweet Potato and Bean Soup

–adapted from Clean Food by Terry Walters

This soup has somewhat of an unusual combination of flavors. It’s complex and packed with nutrients. And it’s a beautiful combination of colors. Kale, sweet potatoes and dried beans can all be found at our local markets. I use either locally grown Pinto Beans from Sungold Farm which are wonderfully creamy or Tarbais beans which are a large-ish white bean grown by Ayers Creek Farm. Cannelini, navy, lima or flageolet would all be good too.

½ a medium onion, diced

1 tablespoon ginger, grated finely (I use my microplane)

1-2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil

3 stalks celery, finely diced

1 large sweet potato, diced (about 3-4 cups)

3 cups cooked beans (Sungold Pinto, Ayers Creek Tarbais or Cannelini or Navy)

3 tablespoons mirin (Japanese Rice Wine—available at most grocery stores)

1 bunch kale, tough stems removed and sliced into ½-inch ribbons (I think dinosaur kale, also knows as Cavolo Nero or Tuscan Kale is best)

Bean cooking liquid and/or veggie bouillon broth (or stock of your choosing)

Ground nutmeg

Croutons or toasted sunflower seeds for garnish (optiona

In a large soup pot heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the onion and ginger and sauté for a few minutes until the onion softens. Add celery and cook for a few more minutes. Then add sweet potatoes, beans, mirin and stir well. Add the kale and enough bean-cooking liquid and broth to cover the veggies by about ½-inch. If your broth isn’t salty add 1 teaspoon of salt. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer and cook for 20-25 minutes, covered until the sweet potatoes are tender. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Serve garnished with croutons, toasted sunflower seeds and a sprinkling of nutmeg.