18 May 2010

Kids Cook…If You Let Them

Photo by Jane Pellicciotto

And they eat, too! That is, they eat healthy, interesting food if you let them dive in and create. This is exactly what kids did on Sunday, May 2nd, at the opening day of the King Market, which was abuzz with activity…and a lot of children.

Thanks to the Merry Kitchen’s Julie Merry, kids of various ages stepped up to the Kids Cook table and made their own herb butter. Not one kid uttered the word yuck when asked if they wanted to mix the green stuff into their butter—chives, basil, parsley. Kids could also make a lettuce wrap with their choice of filling—grated beets, chopped apples and fennel, goat cheese and a berry vinaigrette. One young girl couldn’t answer when asked how she liked it, her mouth full of cheese. Instead, she gave an enthusiastic nod of the head, beet juice running down her chin. Last year at the King Market, Bryant Terry, author of Vegan Soul Kitchen, also cooked with beets—a beet and apple salad.

Empower kids with some curiosity and freedom to create, and all of a sudden, they’re clamoring for foods some adults won’t even eat. The Merry Kitchen will be teaching drop-in cooking classes for kids of all ages on June 6 and August 1st at the King Market.

–Jane Pellicciotto

*  *  *

Photo by Amy Nieto

Beginning in June, junior chefs can cultivate their culinary skills and experience a cornucopia of farm-fresh foods by enrolling in open air market cooking classes at PFM’s Saturday PSU Market. The classes are taught by chef instructors and students from The International Culinary School. Classes are $5 each and include a market shopping trip, professional hands-on instruction, chats with area farmers, and recipes to take home and share with family & friends.

Click here for class schedule and registration information.