30 March 2011

Market Numbers

We thought you might like to do some number crunching while you’re crunching on some fresh veggies. Grab your calculator and some breakfast radishes!

Portland Farmers Market by the Numbers

Seasons in business: 20

Vibrant market
locations: 6

Shoppers in 2010: 700,000

Dollars spent at markets in 2010: 8 million

New vendors in 2011: 19

Days Portland Farmers Market operates a market in a year: 153

Full-time and part-time staff members: 8

Volunteers during the 2010 season: 100

Number Portland Farmers Market at PSU was ranked in list of top farmers market in the country by The Huffington Post and Travel + Leisure: 1

Number Portland Farmers Market at PSU was ranked in list of top farmers markets in the world by Delta SKY Magazine: 1

Vendors, including farms, nurseries, bakeries and specialty foods, at all six markets: 250+

Average number of visitors that shop the markets every week at the height of the season: 33,000

Dollars distributed to low-income residents through SNAP incentive programs in 2010: 26,000

Percentage of dollars (approximately) spent at Portland Farmers Markets that stay in the local economy: 90

Percentage of waste diverted to composting and recycling streams in 2010: 80

Dollars received annually from the city or any other public agency: 0

Pounds of food per month redistributed through Urban Gleaners to the hungry: 40,000

Hours of service donated on site by volunteers in 2010: 1600

Volunteer board members: 12

Supportive sponsors: 5

Average distance (in miles) traveled by farmers/vendors to the
market: 50

Day from farm to shopper: 1

Farms that have been selling produce at the market every year since it was founded: 9

Small businesses launched through a stall at the market: 40+

Cooking demonstrations by local chefs in 2010: 25