19 November 2010

Market Report – Week before Thanksgiving Edition

Of all the shopping that needs to get done between now and Thanksgiving Day dinner, the trip to the Market is the best experience you’ll have buying groceries this week – no checkout gridlock, the false glow of fluorescent lights replaced with the low natural light and fresh air and anxious shoppers darting around with lists and carts replaced relaxed, smiling people looking for something local to bring to the holiday table. With 2 Markets this week, reward yourself with good ingredients and a pleasant atmosphere.Squash & Leaves

First up is Saturday’s Feastival (Not a typo BTW) at PSU. This Saturday you can visit all your regular favorites plus special visits from Olympic Provisions, Ruby Jewel, Real Good Food, Arcane cellars & Pine State! Ideas: Local mashed potatoes with butter from Jacobs Creamery. Roasted Beets mixed with Freddy Guys toasted hazelnuts. Although everyone has a different idea on how to make the best kind, if you like Oyster stuffing PSU has bread, oysters, sage and parsley abound. Salmon from Simon Sampson/Columbia River Fish. Sassafras has relishes that will make next Sunday’s turkey sandwich all the more interesting. Mushrooms from Springwater. Brussels Sprouts which might not be sprouts nor from Brussels but are really under valued will be all around the market. Just go, you’ll be happy you did.

Tuesday at Buckman – same location but on a special day and with special hours 1 to 5 – our SE Market will reconvene for one afternoon so you can get your Thanksgiving foods. Buckman Market manager Jamie emailed in these highlights: Fressen- stollen(it’s yummy rich delectable holiday bread with dried fruits and almond paste—my favorite!), C+K flowers- with centerpieces and bouquets. Missionary chocolates will be on hand with a special Pumpkin Truffle! Tamiyasu- will be selling apples and pears for pie and will have for sale crust as made by Blue Gardenia. Tails & Trotters-hams and jowl bacon, Bittersweet Farms- honey and herbs, Sungold farm- cornucopia in the making) and our friends at Twist wine will have a few flavors for anyone who promised to bring wine.

Springwater Farm- mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms; and Kathryn Yeoman will be there cooking up a mushroom sized storm. DeNoble’s- Brussels Sprouts, giant celery, beets, carrots and turnips so big they are almost scary. Copper Crown- fine pestos, Vincent Family Cranberries- not sure about fresh but they will have dried and juice and a good addition to cranberries, Wandering Aengus- delicious hard cider. Olympic Provisions- fine cured meats for your appetizer buffet. Dave’s killer bread will kill in stuffing. Draper girls; apple, cherry, and pear cider as well as apples galore. Simon Sampson/Columbia River Fish- for the pescatarians out there who want a fresh salmon on their Thanksgiving table

PFM will have hot cider samples available while supplies last. We will also be hosting a menu station for folks that wait till the last minute to even think about the T-day line-up!