12 January 2012

20 Good Men and Women Needed

Information, Photo and Motivation provided by Diego Gioseffi

There’s no better way to match the spirit of Martin Luther King Day than with a day of service to the community by volunteering. There will be a second round on the invasive species removal at the King Facility Parking Lot, January 16th from 10:00-4:00. This project involves the removal of invasive plant species and habitat restoration through planting of native species. We hope that new landscaping will attract native birds, discourage litter, prevent run-off, create shade, and provide natural beauty for residents and visitors. As well as provide a source for environmental education to King school students.

The lot, at 4815 NE Wygant (at NE 7th), is recognizable as the home of Sunday’s King Market. The lot is City owned but is located next to a school: Because it lives in the bureaucratic world between Portland Public Schools and the City’s Parks and Recreation, no one has done any maintenance for more than 20 years.

English ivy took over, blackberries brambled, and then pests moved in. Last year we decided it was time to solve the problem by removing the nesting area, so I started to look for help. I contacted Water and Soil Conservation District (We applied for a grant from Water and Soil Conservation District to plant native species. If we get their support, we can plant by spring), then the King Neighbor Association helped sponsor the project. AmeriCorps seem very interested in helping us, hopefully they will send some hands on Monday. At the same time the King School PTA will be coordinating a cleanup, weeding, graffiti removal project on the school grounds, playground, and local area.

I'm Coming After You Next, Ivy

The Portland Farmers Market is also planning to bring a crew, a tent, snacks and hot cider. Whole Foods has also pledged pastries, snacks and drinks. PFM’s Trudy Toliver explains the market’s commitment, “This is exactly the kind of community project we are proud to support. During Market season, this is the neighborhood’s weekly gathering place. Helping make our weekly home lovely with renewed landscaping will benefit us all.”

We would love to have 20 more folks helping us (bring gloves). We are also looking for someone to watch kids so we can provide day care for the volunteers. Please join us! Stop by or email me (Diego) at newpochutla@yahoo.com and let me know you’re coming by. Check out the King Neighborhood Association Facebook page for updates on our project. www.facebook.com/kingneighborhood