21 June 2013

Organic Gardening

For the fourth year in a row, Organic Gardening (Magazine, Website, & Omnimedia) will set up shop at the PSU Market. The event is this Saturday.  Major swag, especially if your definition of swag is gardening information, herb planting stations, gift bags, free magazines along with free samples and how to demos from Kathryn Yeomans as she cooks her way through market fresh items throughout the day.

2013061695122127Also this week, berries. Strawberries, Tayberries, raspberries both red and golden. Blackberries. Almost near Boysenberry time. And were getting close to the time when you’ll hear of blueberries and rumors of blueberries. Be careful of such prophecies, only believe what you see yourself – and you should see local blueberries over the weekend.

So think you could tell a Tayberry from a Boysenberry in the light of day? That’s not a taunt, a question, I’m not sure I could – even though a Tay has loganberry somewhere in it; possibly its genes. Well, Slow Food Portland will be at the King Market this Sunday, June 23, with a great ‘identifying fresh foods” project for kids and information about Slow Food activities for all ages. 10-2 at Wygant and NE 7th.

I overheard someone describe our Kenton Market as both quaint and cute this week. Even though it wasn’t said in the most positive way, I didn’t jump in the conversation to defend Kenton’s honor. Nor did I feel particularly cowardly about that, Kenton is decidedly not PSU, but that’s what’s great  about it. 20-ish vendors and growers located in the heart of a neighborhood that loves food, wine and drink. Come for the berries, stay for the ambiance.

Pioneer Courthouse Square had an awesome launch. Thanks to Jaret Foster for this photo from pre-market Monday: PCS  runs every Monday 10-2 until the end of September