09 August 2013


If our markets were a music festival, peaches would be headlining. Tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, cheese, bread would all be performing on different stages. Enjoy the show, there’s something for everyone.image

Up and coming critically acclaimed indie act, Ancient Heritage’s Valentine cheese took first place in the soft-ripened sheep’s or mixed milks cheese category at the American Cheese Society competition. ACS is a Wisconsin, of course, based group dedicated to promoting, training and educating people about cheese, good cheese. Any recognition is a pretty big deal, and I’m no cheese, strike, fromage head but that cheese is good.

PSU has Tyler Malek from Salt and Straw will be performing a solo set at the Chef in the MArket Stage, showing us how to turn fruit into dessert at 10am.

Prairie Creek returns to PSU this week after the passing of the farm’s patriarch, Gene Thiel. You can link here to learn more about Gene’s contribution to local foods and learn how you can help preserve his legacy.

imageOur friends from Whole Foods will be at King Market demoing local foods. Whole Foods shops our vendors and makes seasonal foods. This week they will be making zucchini ‘noodles”. You can read more about how I cured my zuccaphobia and learned to love summer squash here.

Also King: The play zone hosted by Irvington Coop Preschool and there will be planting seed starts in repurposed containers.

Trapeze acts at Monday’s Pioneer Square Market. I’m looking forward to seeing how the AWOL Dance Troop incorporate fresh fruit and veg in their act.

The tour starts Friday at 3 in Kenton and Rolls through PSU, King and ends Monday at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Rock on.