22 February 2012

Pi on TV

Last fall, a TV crew spent a morning at the Market hanging out at Divine Pie. The segment is now (finally) running on the Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets. And the results have been positive. Not only are people landing on our blog after googling Divine Pie, we got this nice email from Alissa…

Since the first night’s premier of the episode, we’ve been receiving loads of positive responses from people who are exited to try these unique desserts, and we’re hoping this amazing exposure helps our local business to grow and thrive. It’s truly an honor and a gift to be so well represented and to get such incredible national recognition on the Cooking Channel. We are thrilled to be providing a delicious gluten and dairy free dessert to our customers, as we strive to be pioneers on the healthy food front.

The Farmer’s market has been the perfect venue for us as a start-up food company, and we’d love to let other market shoppers and vendors know about our special feature on the Cooking Channel.  The show airs 3 more times this month.

2/25 @ 5:30pm EST

2/27 @ 10:30pm EST

2/27 @ 2:30am EST

You can read the whole article about all the pie vendors who joined the Market in aught eleven here, or just keep scrolling down to read the divine excerpt. Congratulations to Alissa and company – We’re excited to welcome Divine Pie back for the aught twelve season.

The Raw: Divine Pie

By Nicolette Smith

Meet Alissa and her raw food creation, Divine Pie. Alissa originally began creating her famous raw pies for a food cart she cleverly called, A Streetcar Named Inspire. While the food cart business was good for Alissa, she gradually realized she needed to break out on her own and focus on her unique, raw pies full time.

Divine Pies are all made with love and filled with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. With flavors like Key Lime, Chocolate Hazelnut (featuring our own Freddy Guy’s hazelnuts), and Marionberry Cheesecake, Alissa’s pies will trump any pre-conceived notions that raw food is too bland or too earthy. She even has a growing cult following to prove it. This may be the first year for Alissa at the market, but over the past few weeks, she’s been selling out like a true veteran.