12 October 2012

Rain, I (Mostly) Don't Mind

A friend, a friend I trust, told me that monsoon season was going to begin this week. I asked where she was traveling to. NE Portland was her answer. I’m all for hyperbole and the rain does occasionally get to me, but a little autumn rain? Come on! Sensible shoes and one of the Gore-Tex/titanium jackets we’re so fond of municipally and it’s like summer. Literally, like early summer.

Plus getting a little wet helps you appreciate being warm and dry. Especially when you come home, turn the stove on and cook comfort foods. Soups, stews and all those one pot meals for dinner – roast chicken, pot roast, pork cooked for hours in cider – they’ll feed you today and get you through the damp week.

The Market has your back, a chance to get a little wet and then a chance to go home and cook. Last week there was lemongrass, along with a few carrots and potatoes there’s a big pot of Thai curry. Maybe you lean more towards Midwestern cuisine and all the implied comfort: Pono Sausages/bacon cooked with cabbage – served with roasted potatoes from La Terra Vita.

Mashed Potatoes! Mashed potatoes with sauteed wild mushrooms from Springwater. Mashed potatoes with chives. Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic. Mashed potatoes with Jacob’s creme fraîche or some of Dee Creek’s goat cheese. Or maybe close the circle and make your mashed potatoes a homage to Midwesternism with Rogue cheddar.

The cream of mushroom soup was a pantry staple growing up. The can wasn’t wrong about the flavor, just the application. Combine Lady-Lane cream and Temptress truffles, the taste will amaze you then sadden you of when you think of what this flavor combination became.

Or like me, you can leave the Midwest, and embrace your Oregonness: go salmon from Columbia River Fish, wild rice from Freddy Guy’s and while your there, hazelnuts for a hazelnut pear torte.

Pie, apples, there will be close to a 100 different varieties of apples at PSU and dozens. My favorite? All of them and don’t forget the pears.

King is entering the home stretch, 3 to go. 10-2 on 7th & Wygant.

PSU, now 8:30-2,  runs almost until Christmas. See you tomorrow, I’ll be the guy in the sweater.