17 May 2013

Suddenly, What Happened to Summer?

Hard to believe this is what mid-May is suppose to act like after the last few weeks of early summer. Worry not, there will still be markets to enjoy despite a little rain; rain that our growers need anyway, so no complaining. Instead embrace the weekend markets and enjoy with the knowledge the markets may not be as crowded, considering people aren’t as hardcore as you are.

DSC_0008Rhubarb is such a good idea and then strawberries come around and people are like, “No, we didn’t used to see each other” and you quit returning rhubarb’s texts then totally ignore it (or at least one of those things.) It doesn’t need to be that way. Rhubarb is awesome and our friend Carrie Cowan has all sorts of rhubarb ideas including a rhubarb mojito. You can buy rhubarb at PSU and/or King this weekend. You can visit the recipes here.

Speaking of strawberries, the venerable, The Onion, is just dead wrong on this one (Language; mild by my standards, but others be aware.)


Potatoes; Awesome Potatoes

Kids Cook Preview at PSU this weekend. Kids can make an asparagus ribbon salad, it’s free, it starts at 8:30 am and you’ll have a chance to sign up for future classes (cost $5) in June, July and August. More info here.

And for those younger than kid age, you probably aren’t reading this, but we’ve seen you with your smiling babyheads, especially at King – the most fertile place on earth™ – we have food for you too. Little Localvores is at King every Sunday 10-2. They have organic, which means non-GMO, baby foods in compostable containers. Stop by say hi to Jennefer and ask her about her new business and new addition to her family.

Also Sunday: Our Kenton Market opens the first Friday of June but this Sunday is the Kenton street fair. Bands, local businesses, food, the PFM Market Bike aka, The Produce Pedaler with berries. Take a photo of the bike and tag it with #PDXProducePedaler and you can win a bag and t-shirt. We’re doing this monthly. You shall know The Produce Pedaler when you see it. Stop by, ask how hard it is to pedal and take a picture. The fair is 10-6; PFMers totally endorse Kenton – check it out, more info on this poster: Kenton Street Fair Poster.

Olive Oil enthusiasts unite! Jim Dixon of Real Good Food is offering marketeers an opportunity to meet extra virgin olive oil producer Albert Katz. Albert grows olives organically in California’s Suisun Valley, just east of Napa, and makes award-winning olive oils used at Le Pigeon, Ava Gene’s, and Alice Water’s seminal restaurant, Chez Panisse in Berkeley. He’s a founder of the California Olive Oil Council and responsible for its certified extra virgin seal, the only way for consumers to know if the olive oil they’re buying in the supermarket is really extra virgin. Taste his Rock Hill Ranch and Chef’s Pick organic extra virgin olive oils and learn how olives are grown for oil.

Shemanski Wednesday. Buckman Thursday. How is your garden growing? Our very own Director Trudy will blog about hers next week. Tune into see who has the better garden, yes it is a contest, maybe you need to pick up some starts this weekend.DSC_0156