27 July 2012

Summer-y Summary

All of this dry, warm weather has not only improved Portland’s collective mood, it has worked wonders in the fields and orchards as well.  Berries.  Peaches.  Tomatoes.  Corn.  Basil.  Padron Peppers.  Squashes and their blossoms.  All of these summer delights will be waiting at our markets to be either baked, stuffed, grilled, slathered with butter or eaten right over the sink, juices running down your arms.

Looks like summer, tastes like summer. Must be summer.

Tonight is our Kenton Market in North Portland.  It’s located at the corner of N. Denver and N. McClellan and runs from 3-7pm.  This week we welcome Greenville Farms into the Market Family.  Greenville, along with Sun Gold Farm, Food Waves and The Good Food Farm have your summer produce needs covered.  Jim Dixon and his buttery olive oils and salty salts  will be making his monthly cameo at Kenton tonight.  And speaking of cameos…Cameo Coffee will debut this week, offering their single origin coffees in both freshly brewed and micro-roasted bean formats.

Our PSU Market is still the best reason to wake up early on Saturday morning.  From 8:30am-2pm, you can wander through over 150 stalls, loading your basket with the finest, freshest, local-est food imaginable.  Vegetables galore.  Meat, cheese, bread, wine.  Berries for cobblers, shortcakes or this.  Cherries for pies, clafloutis or this.  For salad days (the literal kind), Evan’s Blueberries now has homemade blueberry wine vinegar for your new favorite dressing.

Also at the PSU Market this weekend, Portland Monthly will be handing out free magazines near the Chef in the Market stage.  This week’s chef is Gregory Gourdet of Departure, who recently lit up the stage during the 2012 COUNTRY Chef Challenge.  Check out COUNTRY’s website for the chef’s super seasonal recipes.

Heads up–next Saturday, our sponsor Dave’s Killer Bread is celebrating a killer milestone:  the 7th Anniversary of the debut of their bread at the market.  The breadiversary event heats up at 11:30am when three local chefs will face off in a sandwich throw down, stuffing market-sourced sandwich ingredients between two slices of Dave’s bread.  Stay tuned for more details.

Our King Market at NE 7th and Wygant is THE place to be on Sundays from 10-2.  We’ve got music, a rainbow of fruits and veg and brunch-y foods like crepes and breakfast burritos–not to mention everything you need to make brunch at home. Especially if your idea of brunch involves some combination of eggs/cheese/bread, as it should.

Next Thursday at our Buckman Market, bring your appetite and a $5 dollar bill.  Yep, it’s time for our second annual Franks A Lot Fundraiser, where your contribution goes to support Fresh Exchange, the market money matching program for low-income shoppers, AND gets you a hot-off-the-grill frankfurter or sausage, complete with market fixins.  Franks for your support.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldAXIBliSUE&w=420&h=315]