01 February 2013

Super Bowl Saturday

Sure, the day is ostensibly about football, but the day is also very much about food. And days that celebrate food, are days we at PFM get behind. While traditional game day foods lean towards chips, salsa and guac. Wings and pizza; possibly chili. There’s not much about Supper Bowl fare speaks to the local food culture; except beer – something we NWers excel at – what with all the hops and the expert brewers in the city and region.

Still, area foodist are working to bridge the gap between game day hosting expectations and the

Raffle Worthy

Raffle Worthy

glory that is our local food culture. For example Saraveza (yes I spelled that right, really), that little touch of northern Wisconsin on Killingsworth. Despite a Packerless game, the good folks at Saraveza are in high enough spirits to host a meat raffle. Meat Raffle? (I also spelled that correctly.) Saraveza’s 5th annual Meat Raffle includes an allotment from PFM vendor Chop this Friday night: 100% of the proceeds going to Fresh Exchange, a program that matches SNAP benefits so that all Portlanders have access to farm fresh food. Then they raffle more meat off on Sunday as well.

And speaking of Chop, they will be at this week’s Winter Market, along with other meat-centric vendors like Pine Mountain and SuDan. Gee Creek has beans for chili and if you are looking for dippables (not sure about the spelling on that), stop by Pesto Outside the Box.

Don’t settle for so-called baby carrots. Last week I purchased some carrots from DeNoble that possibly changed my life (Still too soon to tell). They were so very good in the sense that you can’t believe a carrot is that good, I mean they’re carrots, right. They were orange, they were big, they were star attraction in my beef stew and they were great raw. Imagine how good they will be dipped into your homemade French Onion Dip (Stop by the manager’s

The orange ones on the end, those are the ones I'm talking about

The orange ones on the end, those are the ones I’m talking about

booth to ask Jaret how he makes his).

And if you want to keep your Super Bowl foods super-bowly, we still encourage stop by and visit us Saturday between 10-2 on the Park Blocks behind the Schnitz. This week most of your meals aren’t centered around the Super Bowl, so there is plenty of chances to be be fresh and local. Well, that and I know for a fact, and by fact I mean forcefully stated opinion, that kale, among other things, is the antidote for too much fried chicken. Trust me.