21 June 2012

Tasting the Place

By Barb Skinner

The NW Portland Farmers Market is in full swing with plenty of opportunities to do more than shop for produce! Taste the Place is a program that introduces market attendees to local restaurants as well as ideas for cooking the produce they buy. Here’s what happened last week:

Berry Good

Elephant’s Delicatessen hosted a sampling booth with delicious strawberry shortcake – an example of how they incorporate seasonal produce into their menu. Many Portlandians are fond of Elephant’s Deli for their soups and sandwiches, and love to dine in at one of their 6 locations around town, have their business meetings catered, or choose the Uptown stores’ Garden Room for their special events. The delicious treat was welcome at the sunny evening market last week.

Mmmm, kale

Each week shoppers can also sample a recipe prepared at the market with produce from the market… Last week a Greens and Bean Salad was on display – its sweet, tangy dressing perfectly complemented the bitterness of raw kale, showing many kale skeptics that kale can easily be enjoyed raw when prepared well.

Also available at Taste the Place is a recipe box providing shoppers with hundreds of free ideas for meals that involve the fresh, local produce.

Next Thursday’s activity? Senior Bingo Night… See you then!