16 November 2012


The biggest, best and most awesome holiday is less than a week away. A day so important we have not one, but two markets to help with your shopping list. PSU happens this Saturday 9-2 and as a bonus, the first ever King Reunion Market takes place this Sunday between 10-2 at NE 7th & Wygant.

There will be plenty of protein options at both Markets, line caught salmon, poultry, and other things to roast. And maybe the turkey is the iconic image of the meal, but everyone knows, deep down, that it’s the side dishes that you remember and crave.

For stuffing we have bread galore, eggs, oysters, sausage, herbs, onions, celery and both wild rice and wild mushrooms. Gee Creek and Greenwillow Grains have locally-milled flours and alt-flowers. Pie, you say? We have bakeries and for the DYI types we have squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and for a NW twist on a classic, try Oregon Walnuts. How about a regal tart, pears and apples both, reduce cider or wine to make a pastry cream and try Freddy Guy’s ground filberts with brown sugar and butter for a gluten free tart shell.

Wine? Twist is at PSU, Arcane is at King. Wandering Aengus Ciderworks makes awesome hard cider and hard cider is the bridge between wine and beer drinkers. Cranberries, we’ve talked about here. Bingo has cranberry preserves and Eagle will be selling organic cranberries at both markets this weekend.

For the stuff to snack on the Market will have cheese: Oh yes. Goat, cow, sheep. Fresh, aged and vegan from Heidi Ho. Nuts, chestnuts, filberts and walnuts. Cured meats from Chop and Olympic provisions. Pickles, chocolates and even if you cant eat them there will be plenty of flowers for the table.

There is enough food to plan a feast. For potluckers, make your one dish with fresh, local ingredients. Brussels Sprouts. Mashed Potatoes. Roasted Beets. Glazed Carrots. Enough said.

And believe it or not our mid-November weather forecast calls for rain, drizzle and a general lack of dry, sunniness for the weekend. What’s a little rain? If I were still a boy, we’d be outside playing football until our hands got so cold we’d all be throwing like a Tebow. Isn’t the weather is a small price to pay for access to great ingredients, seeing your friends and neighbors and not having to stand in the weekend grocery line?